Kickstart Your Virtual Assistant Biz! The VA Virtuoso Seminars are BACK!

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Are you a Virtual Assistant (VA) who’s ready to stop stressing about the economy, have some fun, AND get smarter about getting ahead in your business?

VA Virtuoso

YOU.Are.In.LUCK! VA Virtuoso Seminars are BACK and even more committed to helping VAs succeed in their business with great trainings

#VAVS stands for the “Virtual Assistant Virtuoso Seminars” an online conference that VAs keep coming back to attend each and every season to help their business grow and make more money (AND with only 200 seats available they SELL OUT every season!).

Season 13 of #VAVS is coming up May 24-26th and trust me, those looking to grow their biz will not want to miss this Virtual Assistant industry online conference. AND, this #VAVS Season 13’s THEME will be the #1 question on every VA’s mind, “How do I find new clients?”  The answer is in VAVS13’s theme of Finding and Retaining Clients in Your Virtual Assistant Business.

Finding clients is just the first part of the equation you’ll hear about attending #VAVS. The second part of the equation you will learn about surrounds client retention strategies (that’s a biggee). By finding new clients plus nurturing your current clients you’ll be guaranteed more money in your near future.

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Ready for the  Virtuoso Roster of Keynote Speakers? They are super-freakin-amazing business women who I admire like heck!

Kelly McCausey, Lisa Wells, Alice Seba, Craig Cannings, Sarah Santacroce, Felicia Slattery, Alicia Jay, Chantel Shelton, Nicole Dean, Angela Wills, Kathy Goughenour and Janine Gregor.

VA Virtuoso Seminars

 These 12 LIVE Webinars Geared to Train Virtual Assistants on Finding & Retaining Clients in Your VA Business…


For real. Less than forty smackers. You really need to take advantage of this!

These 12 seminars can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home office via a online webinar platform. All you need is a computer with speakers (or a headset) to listen with, an Internet connection and some well-spent time!

From what I have heard, it is nearly sold out so if you were toying with the idea of beefing up your VA skills, you best put the pedal-to-the metal and REGISTER. This conference is brought to you by one of the most reputable sources I know for VA training: Tawnya Sutherland from VANetworking.


Go HERE www.VAvirtuosos.com

Did I mention the cost is ONLY $37 to attend all 12 online LIVE seminars. Com’on fabulous peeps. INVEST in YOURSELF!

In no other industry will you find such a sharing and supportive network between business colleagues except here in the VA world!

Check out the Itinerary and Speaker Schedule HERE

Whether you are a brand new VA or a veteran VA, this conference has something for every one to learn and apply to their business success.

REGISTER TODAY at http://www.VAvirtuosos.com


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