52 in 52: Things I Want to Achieve in 2017

52 in 52


I have to admit, it makes my fanny pucker a little when I think how close 2017 is.

I have many moments of thinking, “NO….it can’t be! I’m not done with 2016 yet!!!”

And yet Father Time keeps marching on. He’s an asshat like that. But instead of fussing about something I can’t control, I would like to put on my Nerdy Planner Hat and start making plans for how I am going to better my life and ROCK this coming New Year.

Here’s the breakdown:


1. Monetize My Blog more. Mama likes money. Ad space anyone?
2. Keep back in touch with all my awesome blog buddies. I have neglected them so.
3. Better stats. I am pathetically ambivealent about stats, views, bounce rates all of that gobble-de-gook. BUT, it’s time for me to act like the Blogging Pro that I am and get a handle of these things.
4. Better time management.  I have a bad case of SOS (Shiny Object Sydrome)
5. More consistent posting with a theme and purpose on Franticmommy. And Mom Squad Central. And Supply Chicks (I am getting tired just reading that)
6. Guest post more.
7. Make steady passive income from affiliates
8. Increase my monthly page views to 20K
9. Get back to remembering WHY I blog and what it is I have to share with the world


10: Be spontaneous. Hang with friends more. See the world.

11. Lose weight (duh). I would prefer my arse to be only ONE-ax-handle-wide as opposed to TWO-ax-handles-wide.
12. Exercise. (See above “ax handle” comment)
13. More sleep. Less menopause (sorry if “TMI”)
14. Decrapi-fy, liquidate, and purge. Massive garage sale here we come. (My house needs to lose weight too)
15. More patience and more happiness.
16. Play more. I forgotten how to be “unplugged” and enjoying life.
17. Worry less. I have to learn to BELIEVE that the dots will be connected and the path with unfold.
18. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
19. Stop caring what other people think. “Don’t let people who don’t matter too much, matter too much” (at 00:32)


20: Make 6K a month easily.

21. Extreme Couponing-This fascinates me.
22. Downsize, review, and eliminate unnecessary bills and spending.
23. Explore more multiple streams of income.
24. Share this journey more with readers. I can’t be the only one tightening the belt and looking to reduce spending and gain income.
25. Save more (“Rainy Day Fund”).
26. Expand my coaching offerings.
27.  Sell more on eBay.
28. Get involved with successful Affiliate Marketing more
29.  Buy less programs, apps, and plugins. Half the time, I forget I even bought them
30. Invest in myself. More classes.


31. Pare down my client base to 4-5 really good (enjoyable) ones.
32. Focus on freelance more-sell articles.
33. Hire help. Just because I want/need a VA doesn’t mean I can afford one…yet. But it is a MUST.
34. Less Social Media, more writing
35. Create more ebooks.
36. Get more organized
37. Work 30 hours per week.
38. Set up consulting program (on what? Not sure yet)
39. Organize bookkeeping better-(I truly suck at this)
40. Explore podcasting.


41. Go to BlogHer or another blogging convention.
42. Hilly-Billy Hand Fishin. YES, I am serious.
43. Explore the Fairy Houses in Maine
44. Explore Utah’s State Park systems
45. Weekend stay at a resort or spa (just me).
46. Sell an article to a national magazine.
47. Go to Nashville
47. Remember to have a life. Get out, see people, network. Maybe join a networking group or a book club..


48. Do a photography challenge

49. Gamble and win thousands

50. Take my kids to Air Maxx Trampoline Park

51. Go “picking” like the American Pickers

52. Do the waterfall tour in the North Shore area


I’d love to start this as a meme. Please feel free to use my graphics and make your own list on your own blog. Make a list! Once it’s on paper, it feels more real!

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