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Welcome 🙂

I am Rebecca “Becky” Flansburg and I’m an author, freelance writer, and blogger from Minnesota who writes about parenthood topics and being a solopreneur.

I am also “mom” to two humans and critter mom to way too many pets. I credit my quick wit, positive outlook, and loads of chocolate for keeping life sane and on track.

At this moment in time, I have two non-fiction books on working from home, FREElance FREEdom: Creating the Work-From-Home Life You Crave and Mom Bossing. My first magical realism fiction thriller, Scuttlers, will be released in late 2019 and there is a gorgeous children’s picture book (co-authors with BA Norrgard) called Sissy Goes Tiny that is slated for release May of 2019.

IN a nutshell, I write A LOT and this year is the year I am popping out books like a Pez Dispenser. Yay me!

I credit my kids, pets (all 18 of them), extended family, besties, and fellow members of the Brainerd Writers Alliance for giving me to courage go for it and realize my publishing dreams.  Please look around, click the book images below and read the previews. I would love you forever if any those actions resulted in the purchase of one of my books.

While you are here, check out my blog. I always have some wonderful and profound::coughcough:: to share 😉

Thanks for being here and be sure and look me up on my Amazon Author Page or on Instagram.

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