I Found It! I Found it!

Over at MammaTalk, Mamma was lucky enough to get a magic decoder ring in the mail. I was thrilled, excited and hopeful. I posted , hoping for a lead on a Magic 8 Ball to help me with some of the bigger questions in life (should my Kindergartener go to Summer School?, what’s up with me %%$$@@ hair lately?). Lo and behold (angels sing here) I now have a Magic 8 Ball. Wow, how exciting is that??! Five minutes into it, I realize I may have to contact the company. This one has well…attitude. I think somehow it’s been possessed by my evil Sister-In-Law cuz it sure sounds like her.

Me: “when can I expect to lose weight?”
Demon 8 Ball: ” Are ya Stupid? Next…”
Me: “Should I grow my hair long or cut it short?”
Demon 8 Ball; ” I’m tired of this question. Just do it and get over it”
Me; “Does my Kindergartner really need Summer School?”
Demon 8 Ball: “Does it really matter?” (I can just hear the sarcastic snort that follows)

…yup..it’s her alright. How the heck did she infiltrate my Magic 8 Ball? I thought just blocking her phone number was good enough. Ok, Mr Magic 8 Ball…you’re going BACK. I need positivity in my life. Take that you Big Ball of YUCK! Ha!
Hmmm….maybe I could trade it in for a Crystal Ball. You know, that will tell me when my daughter will potty train (should I buy more diapers? Or take a leap of faith and buy Pull-Ups??). Such dilemmas in life!

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5 thoughts on “I Found It! I Found it!

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. Come check out your award! Thanks for creating a fantastic blog! ~Michele

  2. What a cute widget. But I must say, I tried it twice and the answers didn’t make any sense. One answer was to ask my pet. I don’t have any pets. Heehee!

    ~Shaye (Momma Miller)

  3. That is so funny! I think my mother in law must have helped make this….

  4. A sarcastic Magic 8 ball is the LAST thing I need! Very funny! Go ahead, buy the pull ups. Hope springs eternal, right?

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