Call Wild Kingdom! We may have….Squabbits!!

King Daddy called me the other day at work, giggling.

“There’s been a squirrel and rabbit playing together in the yard for the last 15 minutes”, he reported. “They really seem to like each other”

I press for more details.

“Well” King Daddy replies, “they chase each other round-and-the garden. Jump over the top of each other, rest, then chase each other under the fence and disappear. But they always come back and start all over”.

Hmm…disappear you say? Like behind squirrel doors or some hidden underground, dimly lit bunny lair? Are they smoking cigs when they reappear? Does either one come out looking like a glazed doughnut? Do they look relaxed?

Are we going to have a crop of strange looking rabbits with long tails that can climb trees?

OMG..we’re gonna have SQUABBITS! Get the camcorder and notify Funniest Home Videos. In about 31 days, we may have a winner.

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19 thoughts on “Call Wild Kingdom! We may have….Squabbits!!

  1. Be careful! I bet those wascaly squabbits will eat everything in your garden and then hide nuts in the holes where the plants used to be…

  2. Actually, they’re kinda cute. Let me know if you spot any squnny squabbits.

  3. i wanna see the squabbits! that’s a cute name, even if it doesn’t happen for reals. it’s fun to say!

  4. Oh, make sure you take good care of them and not let them out of your sight! I’ve already seen some signs posted along the trails near here: “Squabbit Season”!

  5. Oh, I’ll need to send you the link to my bunny porn post!!! lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!! I had a fabulous time reading all my comments!!

  6. Oh, squabbits could be so CUTE!!! (or so decidedly NOT cute!) Either way, nothing like a good interspecies love affair to start your morning…

  7. you don’t have to pervert it.Maybe they were just BFF’s! LOL
    That would be awesome if you had squabbits! you’d be FAMOUS!

  8. I’m sorry to post this here, but I wasn’t able to find an email address for you. I remember awhile ago your posts were not showing up in Google Reader or on my dashboard (they are now). Anyway, my blog is now doing the same thing. How did you solve this problem? I haven’t been able to figure it out. Any advice? Again, sorry for asking you this here. You can reply at Thanks.

  9. Hey, I’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks. LOve your new look. Great colors. Keep us posted on any squabbit sitings. lOL!

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