Farmer FranticMommy

If you think this is going ot be post about gardening…you are sorely mistaken. In the Kingdom of Tired, I have a notorius black thumb. We plant a garden every year, but I let hubby rule over THAT. I can grow a mean lettuce row (read the lettuce pusher here) and a nice parcel-o-weeds…but that’s about as far as I go. I am am talking about growing dreams. There was a great post over at Little Bites if Heaven the other day about the delicate balance of being a parent. I am SO with you. It is a delicate balance when you’re a parent. It’s hard sometimes to put your dreams and aspirations aside to focus on family. It’s hard (for awhile when the kids are little) to tuck those dreams in a drawer and only peek at them on occassion. But, it gets better. They won’t be little forever. I liken it to planting little seeds. Plant now so you can harvest the crop when the kids are older.
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