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That’s My Girl!

Hubs is on Daddy Daycare duty today and got the bright idea to take the 4 year-old (a.k.a Mini Me) to The Big Testosterone Sporting Good Store to do a bit of “man shopping”.

Epic. Mistake.

He reported to me that everything he tried to buy (tackle box, fishing lures, etc) prompted Miss Mini Me to shake her little finger and holler:

“NO Daddy! Too ‘spensive!!”

She will make a fine wife someday 🙂

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14 thoughts on “That’s My Girl!

  1. A little girl after my own heart too! I’m frugal TO THE CORE, thanks to my paternal grandparents, but I’m thankful nonetheless. I hope to pass that onto my future little ones someday too! 🙂

    P.S. It was great meeting you today and I’ll be stopping by here more often! Glad to see another Brainerd Lakes Area blogger!

  2. I always send my older daughter shopping with her Daddy. He is such an impulse buyer, and she will wave the list I have provided in his face and refuse to allow him to stray. Great post.

  3. You are a genius! Now you know exactly who to send hubs shopping with from this day forward!

  4. ha ha ha that is so funny! A couple years ago I wanted to redecorate my bathroom. I made my then almost 3 year old record a video on my phone asking her daddy not to be mad at her mommy for spending too much money. It was so cute, she totally pulled it off & I didn’t get in trouble. Ahhhh we teach them well don’t we! 🙂

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