Honor Thy “Mama Gut”

Heather @ThetaMom had a great post on you-cant-put-a-price-on-a-mothers-intuition/

Here’s a quote:

” As a mother, I believe we are born with an extra sense. It’s the feeling you get when something just isn’t right. It’s when you know there may be danger ahead or your inner core screams that there has to be something more for which I feel compelled to share this with you….”

I highly recomment reading this post. It’s a GOOD one.

I had a similar experience recently. I listened to my “Mama Gut” and possibly avoided a huge disaster. I say “possibly” because I need to do that to keep my mind from dwelling on “what could have happened”. And driving myself stark raving mad. And locking my kids in a Safety Bubble.

The short story is I dropped our 4 y.o off at daycare one Monday a.m not long ago. The second I walked in to daycare, I smelled gas..BAD. Not toots. Like GAS. I quickly informed my daycare lady.

My daycare lady swore she smelled nothing and argued to the point I started second guessing myself. My Mama Gut said “leave now”. So I did with Princess Sara in tow.

A few miles down the road, I just couldn’t stand it anymore and called back to daycare and told her to get out of the house (no other kids were due to arrive for 2 hours). & call the gas company. She did. Turns out, there was a gas leak. A big one.

To the point the gas company said, “we are surprised you didn’t pass out or blow yourself up”.

Our poor daycare lady had been “in” the gas smell all weekend and was immune to it. Which explained her blazing headache. Needless to say, daycare was canceled for the rest of the day and she spent the day airing out her house.

I am proud I stuck to my guns. Even prouder I typed this whole thing w/o bawling. Listen to your intuition Mommies. It will rarely steer you wrong. Thanks for the inspiring post Heather.

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What Did I Just Say?

I saw the BEST post from Nucking Futs Mama this week.

Nucking Futs

Nucking Futs

sorry…I just like saying that *giggle*snort*snort*

ANY-WHO.. she had this great post about how, as parents, sometimes the strangest damn things come out of our mouths.

Things that, when we were pre-teens and still drooling over New Kids On The Block (or in my case, Bay City Rollers), we’d never DREAM of being caught dead saying.

Pop over to her blog and give her Did I Say That?? post a read. It’s pretty stinkin funny.

SO..in true Franticmommy style I started paying attention to what was spewing from my pie hole. Shock, shock…there’s a first time for everything…. And lo-and-behold… I discovered that I say some pretty.crazy.stuff.

All in the name of parenthood.

Here’s a few:

1. No, you may NOT keep an earthworm for a pet.

2. Can you stop being disrespectful long enough to be respectful?

3. Please don’t put your brothers dirty underwear on your head.

4. No, I do not know of a local Science Lab where we can go to get you some Super Powers.

5. Please do not use Mommy’s makeup sponges to scrub the shower.

6. No “banana poop” is not a word.

7. No I don’t think your toy shark will be sad if he doesn’t get to go to the grocery store.

8. No, girls do not have “dingers“.

9. I’m sorry but you cannot try to make pearls in the microwave with a grain of sand and a shell. I don’t care if Jimmy Neutron did it on TV or not.

10. Yes, I am pretty sure God uses the bathroom too. (and I’m sure he puts down the lid)

11. Go ahead and pee in your Pull-Up. Just this one time. Mommy won’t be mad.

What crazy things do YOU say?

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19 thoughts on “What Did I Just Say?

  1. sooo hilarious!! i end up saying “move along” like i used to with dogs i’ve had. once in a while my daughter says it back to me or her grandparents!

  2. This is a total riot… I’m sure I say a bunch of funny stuff….

    I just heard from my mouth… “Snails DO NOT like it better in your bed.”


    “Please paint my toes with that blue paint.” I was trying to buy some time and avoid cleaning the kitchen or stopping my reading!

  3. re: w’scomment:
    “Dingers”, “knards”, “twig and berries”..it’s all the same 🙂

  4. so “dingers” are what the kids are calling them these days…

    we called them “pearls” back in our day. which pretty much makes your #9 quite interesting.

  5. re; Mad Women’s comment. What is it with kids, feet, and the dinner table?? Like I want to see their dirty little hoofs while I’m trying to enjoy the highlight of my day (food).

  6. haha! i’m not a mom, but those are hilarious!!

    stopping by from SITS! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. How about “please stop licking the table” or “Could you please get your toes out of your mouth and eat your dinner?”. Two things I’ve said in the last week. Both to my son.

  8. All that comes to mind at the moment was the time I said, “Don’t bother me–mommy needs a cocktail.” Then I started thinking about all those annoying public service announcements about how good parents set good examples for drinking…and how that comment was a big fat mom fail. Oh, well.

  9. I’m a teacher and should do this for things I say to my students such as…..Yes you can drive to Alaska, and no its not next to Hawaii in the ocean.

    My mommy convo of all time. Please don’t touch your private area only mommy should be touching your privates. In context not as bad as it sounds

  10. Those are hilarious. I’ll have to start paying attention to the things I say. yikes, I am kinda scared!

  11. I do believe I have said, sigh, “I cannot talk and think at the same time.” – how terribly sad! but in my defense, I do believe it was when they kept trying to talk over me!

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