My Week of Freakin Brilliant Comments

You know how some days, as you navigating the wondrous world of BlogLand, you notice your comments are uber-brilliant? Super profound? Mind-bogglingly witty? Pure freakin GOLD as they leap from your keyboard to the screen?……

….it’s like you’re on fire, you’re “on your A game”. You should be writing for some fabulous publication so people can read your comments and go “ooh…ah..she’s so inspiring and talented….”

No? Well, me neither.

BUT STILL I think I have spouted off some pretty good sh*t this week:

Me? Lacking for words? Not his chick. Not.Ever.

Here’s a sampling:

In response to MrsBlogAlot’s Stork Screw post  where she attempts to explain the burning question with her child “where babies come from” post.

I’d go with urinal theme. Might be easier that having to use words like “womb” or “va-gy-gy”. I believe all kids should believe their parents are Super Heros and AllKnowing Beings. My son thinks I rock just because I can look at the eyes of a plastic dino or stuff animal and tell him if it’s a boy or a girl. It’s special skill. Don’t hate. ;)”

In response to Guest Poster Tarja from The Flying Chalupa at Scary Mommy’s. A post entitles The Economic Meltdown: A Survival Guide. A funny guide of how to save money in a wonky economy.

“Oh my let us not forget lawn maintenance. Just think how much $$ you’ll save not trying to keep up with your neighbor The Lawn King. Let that damn grass grow! You’ll save time, effort, $$ and hey, if it’s gets long enough you can harvest hay and sell it to some local farmer with cows for a profit! See? Hmmm? Not too shabby eh?”

IN response to Mamablogga really good post from about the need for a Parental “reset button” and the question “who do YOU do for a reset button”.

“My reset button, believe it or not, is a vacation day all to myself. I send the kids to daycare, give the hubby the boot for the day..and DIG IN. I do all the little naggy tasks that are driving me nuts. All the unfinished projects get tossed or done, the clutter gets decluttered, and Mount Washmore gets processed. It seems that if I do that, I don’t feel so guilty being on the computer or reading a book. Large quantities of chocolate and coffee seem to help as well.”

p.s Ten years from now, a cluttered house and a pile on the laundry wont mean a hill of beans. How you spent your time with your family WILL.

A note to blogger Becky Povich’s “Fatigued Friday” post

Sometimes us “rock stars” need to have a “crash” and recharge our batteries (did that make sense?). One of my fav sayings is “Run with the motors and leave the anchors behind”. Meaning: hang with the like minded and positive people. Leave the ones who are “not so much” behind. I have to say, I know I’ve read this before, but today it really hit me. I read your header about “proof that dreams come true..” and how in your 40’s you’ve been writing. OMG that is SO me. I wrote actively in my late 20’s..then it went dorment for awhile..then the babies came. Now at 44 I am finding my voice again and pursuing that dream again! My kids are still small and I work full time so it’s VERY hard. BUT I will git ‘er done.It’s really nice to know I am not alone 🙂

In response to the SITS Featured Blogger of the day My Domestic Bliss: Interior Design on a Budget

“Ooh I gotta read the FB today! My home is decorated in “Early Garage Sale”. I think it’s time for an “upgrade”. I’ve been told that hanging Wedgwood-blue-country-geese-themed potholders on the wall is no longer in style. My bad. “

In response to a REALLY good thread on Blog Frog where Maryline asked “Could my blog get me in trouble with work?”(she was blogging about her work on a personal blog and she found out co-workers were reading it)

ME: That IS a tricky one. My blog has always been funny stories about parenthood, but I also always kept it as that “secret part of me” that I never discussed with co workers. It was like my Treehouse. I could blog, write and be my authentic self and no one in my real life knew it was ME. Recently, I’ve been posting links on Facebook which means, friends, family, and yes COWORKERS now have access to my blog. It’s like “going public” I guess. I am fully (and not too happy about it) aware but that’s just part of growing your readership. I know I blog like I post on Facebook. I don’t put anything on it I don’t want the world to know. If need to write a story to get some yucky out of my system, I just do it, and leave it in draft form and never post it. It’s a double edge sword sometimes. We want readership, but we still want our Treehouse. It’s a toughie!”

What were YOUR brilliant comments this week???

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9 thoughts on “My Week of Freakin Brilliant Comments

  1. Oh, and you’re brave to be telling people about your blog. Me–my friends know about it, but I’m still embarrassed to even talk about it. I think because so many people still view it as a “silly” hobby. Oh, well. Sometimes I wish I lived in a big city so I’d have someone with whom to discuss blogging and share ideas. Instead, well, it’s just me, as far as I can tell, in my small rural area. Sigh.

  2. Okay, when you tell us you’re writing comments like these, you’re inviting us to stalk you through the internet so we don’t miss one. 🙂

    Brilliant? I can’t think of any, which is sad, really–not because I think I should necessarily be brilliant (but it would be nice, lol!), but because, if I’m taking the time to post a comment, the blogger deserves to get something brilliant, don’t you think?

  3. Okay, first, THANK YOU SO MUCH for commenting on my post at Scary Mommy’s – I remember it well actually. It was, indeed, solid gold. And this is a fantastic idea for a post. Because it’s just sad to let all those brilliant comments go to waste. Collect and recycle, baby. I, for one, appreciate a well-thought out comment!

  4. Brilliant comments!

    My comments this week have been…”Great post” “Love it”

    Those are my gems. Hands off ’em!

  5. I imagine that you write like you talk and I enjoy it thoroughly!

  6. LOL You are too funny. I just consider it a victory if I manage to get to half the blogs I want to:) Thanks for the giggle!

  7. ROFL! You are a riot!
    And my witty comments are… wait, I’m pregnant, there is NO WIT IN THIS HEAD!!! All my intelligence is being sucked out of me, one pregnancy at a time.

  8. LOl you are a hoot!.. My comments these days not so witty or funny… just lame, lame, lame.

    Just call me LAMO for now on…….. I have got to get my groove on.

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