Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs.
I love reading signs. There’s some good ones out there.
Some are downright FUNNY….

(“Ain’t haulin Milk?…really?)
Some are clever. With a side order of really.Good.Message
(I’m thinking this message should be standard issue for all teenage drivers)
Then there’s the ones that make me…ok….umm. REALLY?

(I think the dude who wrote this was a little drunky)

Some are sooooo clever, and 100% MINNESOTAN

(Extra revenue stream?)
And there’s the ones that probably got someone fired.

I’ll bet THAT was an ugly baby…
Have you seen any good signs lately?

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2 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

  1. haha!! i love that pirates knocked up shrek! that’s awesome….i totally love funny signs too. i love seeing them in random places, totally makes my day!

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