A Very Inspiring Blogger Named Tabitha

You know there’s those people in life who really kick-you-in-the-pants. Really inspire you? Well, Tabitha from I Choose Bliss is one of those peeps.
 I could go on for days on how I admire her spunk, positive thinking, and drive. I am all about “giving back” especially when it involves kids in need. She sssoooo rocks it her organization Afiveoh4upliftin. She and her crew sends goody bags to children & adults with cancer, or ANY major illness.
Her podcasts are fab too :). Did I mention she has a voice like velvet?
ANYHOO, despite all of this, it was her post today about weight loss that made me stop and go “hmmmmmmm.” Check it out:
By I Am Losing Weight-by Tabitha Degruy

I wrote these in my journal and after re-reading them I felt a sense of peace and inspiration. I thought I’d share them with you here. I didn’t think these out I just wrote what was truly in my heart at the moment.

1. Because I want to honor god by honoring the body he gifted me

2. To set a stronger example for my husband and our daughter
3. So I won’t feel like I’m drowning when I lay down to sleep

4. To rid myself of my sleep apnea

5. So I can walk again on my artificial leg

6. To feel healthy

7. So I can say I started something and saw it through

8 Because it’s best for ME

9. To wear a size 12 again

10. To be at peace with the woman staring back at me in the mirror.

See? Told ya she was inspiring lady! Needless to say I am proud of my friend Tabitha, but it also made me think. I hope it makes you think too. I complain about exercise. Whine I can’t eat what I want. And basically procrastinate on it all. THEN, I read Tabitha’s #5 and think..

 “holy crap, I really need to put a cork in it and Get.Moving.”

If you are on a weight loss journey too, what are your reasons, my friends?

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1 thought on “A Very Inspiring Blogger Named Tabitha

  1. OMG. That’s really something. Honestly, it hit me! I can totally relate with her #2, #3, and #4. My dentist in Germantown, TN has suggested that I get a sleep apnea test ‘coz I told him about my snoring and yes, my losing weight.

    My reason(s) for losing weight? My life. I want to feel good about my health again. I want to literally breath normally again. And I want to get rid of the guilt that I’m not taking good care of my body that God has given me. Right? Good luck to us!

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