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Mama Likes..Soft skin!: SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion Review

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We are just coming out of a way lllooonmnnnggg winter here in glorious MN.

Thank gawd that is over.

During our long period of hibernation, we tried to keep busy. To ease the winter bat-crap-crazies, our family did a lot of swimming at local pools. Tons of fun, great exercise, and it was something we all could do. But I noticed rather quickly the chlorine was making my skin looks like a lizards butt. And itch?? Don’t even get me started. That was about the time I received a bottle of this to try from Skin MD;

Hello, Gorgeous

Being the uber picky human that I am, I wasn’t so sure about this stuff to begin with. Now, I’m hooked. It’s non-greasey and light feeling, and by-gosh-by-golly…it works like a dream.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is considered to be a revolutionary new concept that “becomes part of the outer layer of skin to prevent moisture robbing irritants from entering its deepest layers.”

I can also get this Natural Shielding Lotion in a regular formula or for Mightie Whities like me, with SPF 15. It also trips-my-trigger that Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is eco-friendly, cruelty free and vegan derived. I also appreciate that it is primarily formulated from natural ingredients. If you don’t believe me, check out their “ingredients” link HERE.

I’d also like to add, God blessed me with fair, very sensitive skin. Something unfortunately I passed on to my two rugats. I have used Skin MD on both kids with no break-outs or problems. And odorless…which spares me hearing my 8 year-son squealing like a stuck hog that he “smells like a girl!” when I put some this lotion on him.


This stuff is a little on the spendy side, but I know I will be purchasing some more when my bottle runs dry. I love it. Good stuff. The main thing is (like my gramma  used to say) that a “little dab will do ya”…meaning: it doesn’t take a ton of Skin MD to achieve soft skin. One bottle goes a long way.

Product Retails:
Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion Regular: 2-3 month supply: $18.95

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion SPF #15: 2-3 month supply: $25.00

To purchase or learn more about Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion and the entire line of Skin MD products you are invited to visit the Skin MD website at

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions based only on my experiences with the product.*


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