Unsubscribing: The Tale of Betrayal and Decit!

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My life moves at a frenetic pace.

That’s actually how I came up with my handle “Franticmommy”

That t’werent no mistake. That is totally ME.

And thanks to my continued reign as the Burning-The-Candle-at Both-Ends-Queen, I’ve given myself this award.


Congrats to me.

Nice, ain’t it? Framed it will look lovely next to hub’s 12-Point Buck and Wood Duck mount.

Anywhoo, my work load is GROWING, and along with it is my InBox. Is it normal to have 6455 emails in your InBox??

Just askin.

I finally gave into the fact that some of the 8 million blogs, newsletters, reports, and user groups I belong to, were going to have to go bye-bye.

It’s not that I don’t love you all. I do! I do!….I just have this thing called a J.O.B that interfering with my blog readin.

The nerve!

So I concluded it’s time for some serious PURGING.

Easey Peasey, right? Just hit “unsubscribe” and go about my merry way. WRONG! It was HARD! I felt like I was snubbing old friends. Letting people down. Betraying a at-one-time commitment that “YES, I WILL read your blog EVERY DAY!”

I felt like a real d-bag.

There was endless email newsletters from the time when I got a wild hair and decided my family needed to be more “thrifty.”

There were tons of emails from the phase I went through when I thought that spending 15 minutes filling out questionnaires for a free trial-size tube of toothpaste was DA BOMB.

There was a plethora of reports from companies that promised to rid me of my ghetto bootie and make me a green smoothie fan (neither has happened yet. Does a 20 ounce coffee from SuperAmerica gas Station count? Even if I put it in a “green” cup??)

Methodically, I clicked. Toiled. Pondered. Speculated. Justified.
And in an hour deleted like….10.

It’s a start.

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3 thoughts on “Unsubscribing: The Tale of Betrayal and Decit!

  1. Funny – I just did the same thing this morning.

    I felt terrible and hoped I wasn’t ruining anybody’s day because they lost a follower, but I just needed to steamline a bit.

    Good luck.

  2. Chuckling. You know, you don’t have to read them ALL. Get a system. Give some blogs certain days. Sometimes, I take a section of the alphabet and read the ones that start with those letters.
    You can’t do it all.
    Love the graphic.

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