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A Brief Serious Moment::Business Networking Basics: The Why, How, and What-The-Heck?

Sometimes, I have a serious side to me. 

Usually when I feel like I need to be serious about things I go lie down until the feeling passes.

But underneath all the cheeseball and goofy beats the heart of a businesswoman and business owner. Franticmommy is my place where I can “let it all hang out” and put the business-y-diplomatic-must-be-proper-and-polite-me aside. It’s so freeing to stop using words like “populate”, “reader engagement”, “analytics”, or “RIO” for awhile and say/blog things like butt-crack, shart, biotch, and efff. 

I swear it’s the only thing that keeps me sane some days.

SO, with that in mind, the serious-side-o-me wants to share a Guest Post that I was honored to be able to do for SITS. It was truly a Bucket List moment to have this published.

SITS has been a guiding light for me since I started blogging 5 years ago. SITS stands for The Secret Is In The Support and SITS is designed to be a community forum to meet other bloggers, learn tons about blogging, and get exposure for your own blog. 

I had the privilege of Guest Posting for SITS and my topic? Business Networking Basics: The Why, How, and What-The-Heck?

So pop over to SITS and give this a read. While you are there, take the time to look around and get to know some other fellow bloggers. This is one time I don’t mind sending someone away from my blog 🙂

P.S I am truly desperately to get my poop-in-a-group and start a Franticmommy Facebook Page. It looks like crap right now, but I would still appreciate a “Like”…even if it’s a sympathy Like. THANKS.

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1 thought on “A Brief Serious Moment::Business Networking Basics: The Why, How, and What-The-Heck?

  1. It’s been a really long time since I visited the SITS-ters. Think I’ll do it today.

    P.s. I’ll like you fb page too. Check out my new one

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