Freakin Cool DIY Crafts I Can’t Wait to Try

I love crafts. I am a crafter wannabe. I am a DIY groupie.

I am also of those people that doesn’t have an original crafter bone in her body. I’d love to think up amazingly cool crafts that no one has done…but that just ain’t gonna happen.

God Bless the Internet (especially the Internet and Pinterest!) for supplying me with ridiculously fun and easy projects with the minimum of brain-cell use. Here’s a few of my latest favs I can’t wait to try:

From MadBlog’s 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects

-The Rainbow Windshield: Although this is not a true craft, it is garenteed to make the kids squeeeeeee with joy and Daddy exclaim “what the??!!!” I I am thinking you need to get the rainbow-colored Goldfish Crackers wet first)

Rainbow Windshield


Rainbow Windshield


-Turn a Glove into a Chipmunk: I admit I had a moment of “no frickin way! how cool!” I think an non-sewer like me can even handle this one. For the full detailed instructions, go HERE:

Chipmunk Glove


Chipmunk glove

 -Paper Clips and String DIY Earrings (from Evie-S.com)

I am not a big fan of heavy earrings, but I do like”dangly” earrings. This DIY might just be the ticket! I can’t wait to try it!

DIY Earrings


There were really cool ideas on this site, check them out for yourself!

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6 thoughts on “Freakin Cool DIY Crafts I Can’t Wait to Try

  1. i love these! the spoons lamp just awed me… and i love the rainbow!
    the tuna can candle holder thing was awesome too. thanks for sharing your find!

  2. OMG that chipmunk is so cute. Totally adorbs. These are all fantastic ideas. I think “dad” would flip out if I did something like that to the windshield. Burst a vein more like. LOL I am sooo tempted to actually do it. Hubby needs a good shake up once in awhile. hmmm Thanks for all these awesome ideas! Going to check them out some more!

    1. Oddly enough…I had the same “thought” about my “dad” on the windshield thing. I can already hear his sqwaky little voice in my ear; what if it stains?! What if I doesn’t come off?! “what if it teaches our kids to be juvenile delinquents?” “what if it makes pigs fly outta my arse??!!” AND SO ON…..

  3. I love the little chipmonk. I am not good at sewing but I might could make him.

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