The Oldest American Cowgirl: Connie Reeves

When I am 100+, I want to be like Connie Reeves.

Always saddle your own horse. Always stand on your own two feet.”

Watch for my ABSOLUTE favorite “Connie quote” at the 3:34 mark. It’s a winner 😉

“There’s nothing more expressive as profanity”- Connie Reeves (American Cowgirl-age 101) (click to Tweet)

Connie Reeves, “the oldest living cowgirl” passed away in 2003 at the age of 101. She passed after being thrown from her horse. If it wasn’t for that accident, I suspect she’d still be out there ridin. She is, and will remain, an inspiration to many.

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2 thoughts on “The Oldest American Cowgirl: Connie Reeves

  1. Hi Becky!

    What an inspiration she is.
    Thank you for finding this gem.


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