My CardBoard Box Intervention: Fun Cardboard Box Crafts & Projects.

Cardboard crafts

Back when I was a kid, it was a pretty festive occasion when my parents bought anything that came in a BIG cardboard box. That box was quickly commandeered by my sister and myself and we spent HOURS converting it to dollhouses, playhouses, stalls for our toys horses…whatever the flavor of the moment was.

Nowadays those boxes are quickly broken down into space-saving cardboard bundles and tucked in the recycling bin.

I’m here to do a Cardboard Box Intervention.

STOP throwing out defenseless boxes! Turn them in family fun will little-or-no effort and HECK…the price is right. 🙂

not a box

Here’s some other fab cardboard projects I came across. Dumpster Diving..here I come!!

Cardboard Airport from The Weisse Guys

cardboard airport craft

Your Basic (but slightly hip) Cardboard Box House from Create With Your Hands

cardboard house

This one totally blows my mind. How cute is THIS? And Busy Budgeting Mama has an awesome tutorial and details on how to create this Castle complete with paper banners and white fluffy clouds. SUPER cute.

cardboard castle

Vrroooommm!! Next time your car goes ka-poot, have your pint-sized mechanic fix ‘er up right with this handy Cardboard Tool Box from The Cardboard Collective


Got the “cardboard box crafts bug?”  I found some cute books on Amazon with awesome ideas too:

Look What You Can Make with Tubes: Over Eighty Pictured Crafts and Dozens of More Ideas [Paperback]

cardboard  crafts book


Recycled Crafts Box


recycled crafts box

what’s your favorite recycled cardboard box craft?


Please share!

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  1. This is really cute I am always looking for crafting ideas and I can think of things to do with my granddaughter already.

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