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You Can’t Change The World but This one Project Can Change the World for Many

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Jason Baker and I “met” through an on-line brainstorming group that we both were involved in.

I am little embarrassed to admit, I didn’t realize right away Jason was vision impaired.  He’s a trooper and a fighter. I know he has great plans for his life.

Recently Jason reached out to me and asked me to watch a video attached to a project he was working on. Not only does the video running in the background never fail to bring a tear to my eye, I am in awe of Jason’s plans to help the web be a better place for those with vision issues like his.

(p.s Jaws is an accessibility technology that allows for people with sight impairment to easily read the computer screen and websites)

Please take a moment to watch and listen. It’s only 4 minutes, and it will mean the world to someone special 🙂

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