Don’t be a Blogger Behaving Badly: Tips & Thoughts for Being Polite and Civil On-line

Bloggers behaving badly

I am always on the hunt for really good information on da Interwebz.

I particularly love any article on blogging such as how to attract readers, how create cool content, and all the bells-and-whistles that can help my blog be the best-thing-since-the invention-of-The-Snuggi…(the sleep sack-not the atomic wedgie).

I also enjoy really good articles on what NOT to do on blogs. Those are a little harder to find, but always good when I find them.  Dan at Man-vs-Debt has a great post called How to Not Suck At Blogging and Amy at BloggingWithAmy always has phenomenal info too.

Soon I will be celebrating 6 years as a blogger which I think is pretty cool and I am pretty proud. And in my 6 year navigation of the WWW, I have witnessed my share of cat-fights and questionable behavior. So as a blogger that’s been-around-the block, here’s  my advice as to what to NOT do as a blogger. Enjoy.

Don’t be a Blogger Behaving Badly.

#1-I think as bloggers we have a certain amount of responsibility to have integrity. Have integrity and act like civilized adults!  I don’t recommend EVER blogging out of anger. Some people call it “venting” but honestly, if it’s something you wouldn’t say to someone’s face in real life, then it has no place on the WWW.
#2-I recommend to never blog unkindly about your family and that includes Monster-In-Laws, Frenemies, evil twin sisters, and Deadbeat Dads. Those discussions are best left in Draft or off the Internet completely. Once you release something into the “wild” of cyber space, this is no going back. Baby, it’s out there.
#3-As my Dad used to say, “you don’t get where you want in life by stepping on the heads of others.” Build others up as opposed to tearing them down. If people have helped and supported your blogging efforts, return the favor whenever possible.

Blogger Behaving Badly

#4-As my friend Phil would say “be nice with a side order of Be Nice.”

#5-Practice the “All I Ever Needed to Know I Leaned In Kindergarten” theory? If you aren’t sure you can check it out here. But most of this rings true, especially

  • Don’t take things that aren’t yours.
  • Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.
  • And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned-LOOK.

#6- Bloggers Behaving Badly (also known as Trolls) exist on-line. A troll is the person who will leave nasty comments and do their best to badger you into a fight. If you should ever have the unfortunate instance to be on the receiving end of a Blogger Behaving Badly, my advice to you is…”Don’t Feed the Trolls.” Don’t buy into their bad behavior by responding, fighting back, or trying to sway their opinion.

Just quietly delete and BLOCK.

For me, my blog is a place for ME. It’s a place for my thoughts, my wisdoms, my encouragements, my victories, and my disasters. Yes, I like pushing the envelope and bit by using naughty words cloaked in symbols like dumb@ss or holysh*t and talking about things that other bloggers don’t like Goldfish disasters and yoga-carpet-sniffing . But there’s no one getting hurt but me (if even that).  I write what I choose based on what I feel fit to share about my life. Heck, maybe someday I will even be brave enough to blog about head lice.

But for now, I ADMIT NOTHING.

So the bottom line is (and this applies to social media as well) don’t unleash your fury (in a hateful and slanderous way) on others on your blog. There is fine line between ripping someone to shreds and blogging frustration of life. Yes, there are instances where wrongs need to be righted and readers need to be told a tale with a lesson. You’ll know when those times are, but choose them wisely.

So does this all strike a cord with you? Have you ever taken down one of your posts/stories because of complaints, upset readers, or just a bad gut feeling? Please share. I’d love to know your story!
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8 thoughts on “Don’t be a Blogger Behaving Badly: Tips & Thoughts for Being Polite and Civil On-line

  1. Dearest Franticmommy,

    I am an online instructor of English, so I have seen my share of “venting” online from my students. I have to include etiquette policies in my syllabus, including one on “No Flaming,” which is what we call attacking a peer or their ideas & opinions. We laugh now about Emily Post, but where is she when we need her? 🙂

    Love your site! Got on here today & can’t seem to get away! So much great info available here. As a new blogger, I absolutely needed several of the posts I have read on your blog today & am thrilled to have found you! Love your “voice”! Keep shouting it out!

  2. I have not taken down a post and not sure if I would. I’m respectful and think of others as I write my posts so if someone didn’t like a post I think that might just be too bad. Since I haven’t been in a storm like that before I can only speculate LOL. I love your advice on “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. All bloggers need to be courteous to one another.

  3. I love this and you are absolutely right! Fortunately I realized early on in my blogging career (started in 2000, long before most people – 13 years and counting!) that positivity and sharing information attract while negativity repels. So while I haven’t had to delete, I have had to help clients who did not follow my advice and learned the hard way.

  4. I have never taken down a post before but I am open if someone has differing opinions, so long as they are tactful about it. I always am if I disagree but some people just get insulted if you don’t think like they do. That can get frustrating.

  5. I like your points. And I agree with them. Maybe you can help me with something. I’ve been blogging for 4-5 years…off and on. I’ve always liked it when people Tweeted my stuff out there and I like to do the same for others. It’s so easy. So, naturally, I got into Google+ and, just like I did for you, I often do that for people too. Here’s the problem. It seems that when I comment now…my name is linked directly to my Google+ profile and not to my blog. I don’t get that. I am not getting the comments I once did and I wonder if it is because people never see the blog…only Google+ page. I am thinking of deleting Google+ for that reason. Let me know what you think. Let’s see where it takes you. Thanks.

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