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WAHM Tip Thursday: A Facebook Cover Photos: A Tip and A Trick

WAHM Tip Thursday

If you haven’t heard, Facebook has officially lifted it’s strict restrictions on their Timeline Cover Photos! Happy Dance!


“New Facebook Cover Photo changes! FB has changed up their Timeline Cover Photo rules. Looks like you can now add in: calls to action, price/purchase information, and website. The one thing that remained-the 20% text rule.”

How sweet is THAT?

So that is your Facebook “Tip” and now, here’s the “Trick.” 🙂

Once you’ve changed your Facebook timeline cover photo and have loaded your new-and-improved one, it will show in in the News Feed looking like this :

4-19-2013 10-04-08 AM

Nice, but naked. It could leave people wondering “OK, cute, but why did she put this on there?

Take advantage of the fact this big, giant, picture will be showing up on your Wall by adding a description to it! Here’s how:

Once your image appears on your Wall, click the time indicator:

That will open it up and you will see this:


Click “Add a Description” and it will give you the opportunity to enter any text you want including links:


Enter your text and links and click “Done Editing.” This what your new image update on your Wall will look like. More “bang-for-the-buck” don’t you think?


I predict there will be more Facebook changes to come. And if Facebook’s new Graph Search has you puzzled, check out on my article on the subject HERE.

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