5 Ways to Set Yourself Apart from the Pack

In case you haven’t notice, our world is changing rapidly.

5 Ways to Set Yourself Apart from the Pack

These days, prospects buy differently and are more cautious than ever before.  Whether you are a coach, blogger, an author, or an on-liner marketer, everyone is in sales. On a daily basis you “sell” your business, “sell” yourself, and “sell your products and services.  The following are a few tips and thoughts to help you be your best,  Set Yourself Apart from the Pack

1.            Be known in your marketplace. No one wants to deal with an unknown company. Make extra efforts to have strong visibility and you will attract more customers.

2.            Be candid and honest with your customers. No one likes puff and fluff, or smoke and mirrors. Customers want your knowledge and expertise. If you don’t know the answer to their questions, don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I will find out.” Mean what you say, and say what you mean.

3.            Prospect constantly. If you sit behind your front counter nowadays waiting for customers to walk through your front door, you’re going to have a problem. Never stop engaging with and identifying whom your prospective customers are. Top Marketer Alyssa Avant shared recently during one of her Getting Started as a VA Google hangouts that one of her biggest mistakes when she first got started was NOT continuing to prospect for new clients even when her plate was full. The reasoning; once the work ends, you have a barren wasteland of nothing (work-wise) in front of you and you have to scramble to find new clients and more projects. The moral of the story; never stop propsecting for new clients, customers,  and jobs.

4.            Make your customer #1. Always remember your customer is the reason for your work, not an interruption of it!

5.            Dare to be different. Don’t try and copy others. What will shape your success is how you deliver a personal touch. It’s those little extra details that will you uniquely you and authenticity goes a loooonnggg way.

 How do you gain an edge?

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