Nikki’s Rules for the Beach-The Sh*t People Do at The Beach that Makes me INSANE.

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Summer is such an amazing time for sand and water fun. In my hometown area, we are “beach regulars.”

HOWEVER, it bugs me to NO END how some of the users of the public beach seem to forget the “public” part…as in…”hey, I need to use this space too, dillweed.”

After a recent not-so-fun foray to a local beach I decided to come up with MY version of Beach Rules. Feel free to add your thoughts, comments, and versions to this because I know DARN WELL most of you have experienced this as well.

Nikki's Rules of The Beach


Nikki’s Rules for the beach:
1. Ladies- Used tampons go in the garbage. Not on ground 2 feet away from a garbage can.
2. You know those nasty little underpants that your kid crapped that you left laying on the sand? Yeah, those. They need to go IN the garbage too along with your “pons.”
3. Pay attention and teach your children some respect. For starters other people’s kids (you know, like mine) really dislike it when your kid comes up and steals their toys, dumps water on their head, throws sand in their face and squashes their sand masterpieces.
4. Don’t get pissed if I yell at your kid. If you see my kids taking a quick time out on the blanket it’s because I actually give a sh*t how my kids behave and bad behavior shall not go unnoticed.
5. There is never such a thing as being overdressed at the beach. Wear layers, people. Have some class.
6. Have some respect and pick up after yourself. People actually spend time to clean the park (FOR FREE) and taking advantage of it and using the beach as your personal garbage can and babysitter while you sun tan your enormous butt is very uncool.

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