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VA Short-Term Outsourcing: It’s not a Like a Marriage for Pete’s Sake

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I love being a VA

I love being a VA. My days are full, my projects are challenging, and my clients diverse.

But what I have found is that many people are reluctant to reach out to a Virtual Assistant because they are leery about long term commitment.  Kinda like;  “I only have a couple things I need help with,” they fret. “I can’t commit to a 6 month contract at this point.”

What many of these potential clients don’t release is that, I (and many other VA’s) are more then willing to do many “mini projects” and month. I personally enjoy the break from my normal workload to do something fresh and new.  Yes, I would prefer to have a sign contract in place , but if someone comes to me and simply needs a “quickie” project like a new Facebook Timeline cover, Tweets written for a one-time event, or even a quick review of their overall social media strategy, I am more than happy to oblige and details/payment can be worked out accordingly.

Need a handful of quality Tweets created based on a project, launch, or event? NO PROBLEM.

Need a quick review of your currently social media platforms so you can tweak and improve? GOTCHA COVERED.

It’s a “win/win” my by book as well. The client gets work done that promotes and assists in  the growth of their business  (without breaking the bank) and I get great “filler work” that I enjoy doing. As an client looking for short-term VA work, you can expect to have to pre-pay in advance and a list of expectations and tasks in writing is a must as well.

A Side Bit Of Advice for VAs: If you are open to the idea of taking on “mini” or short term projects, I would suggest you keep those projects within your skillset and get payment upfront. Also get a clear understanding of the project entails in writing including due dates and expected outcomes.

So if you have a few projects/issues that are holding you up from the growth of your business, set a budget, and do some checking for a reputable source or VA to help you get over these hurtles and get on with your success. I can help, or I also highly recommend checking into IVAA and VANetworking for a list of qualified and reputable VA’s.

Virtual Assistant block of time sale

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