Monetize Your Blog Using Instabuilder for Killer Sales Pages

I have on a quest to monetize my blog for quite some time. I am no guru…but I am getting there 🙂

I have been blessed with amazing clients who are a wealth of knowledge in the on-line world and I have learned much. One main thing I have learned? You must work to build your list.

I made the near-fatal mistake of NOT taking that piece of advice seriously for YEARS. I am embarassed to say that after 7 years of having an active blog, it’s only been within the last year that I have actively been working on growing my list.

So why is a list so important? Your “list” (the people who have willingly given their email to you in exchange for a freebie or special content) is like your reoccurring customer base. People who will be interested in what you say and offer and hopefully even buy during the times you have sales or special offers.

SO I knew I needed:

  • A growling email list
  • Some sort of product or report
  • A way to have people learn about my product or offering that looked professional (and non-distracting) that converted to sales or sign-ups.


I will be talking more later about how to fit all of these pieces of this puzzle together but first, I need to share the thing that gave me my final AH-HA! moment.

InstaBuilder: This is an absolutely a killer plugin for WP help you create Sales Pages and Squeeze Pages that convert. I am no tech guru, but this tool is so incredibly easy to use even I can use it with ease! I am always leery of trying new paid plugins, but I saw this one in action before I bought it and it was my client/mentor who told me about it.

Once I got rolling with InstaBuilder, I was HOOKED. I’ve created some sales pages here and here using InstaBuilder so you can how slick it is and how awesome it looks. InstaBuilder is super reasonable as well ($47 or $77 for unlimited) and totally worth the investment.

instabuilderInstabuilder not only allows for great templates for squeeze pages, sales pages, and product launch pages it also have tons of cool bells-and-whistles like:

Super cool fonts

The ability to “box-in” info to draw attention to it.

And stock “buttons” to have your sales page a polished and professional look:

Pretty cool ‘eh?

Instabuilder does a TON of valuable things, but the bottom line is that it was the piece that I was looking for in my quest to create great sales pages that convert.

Instabuilder is on $47 for a single license and $77 for unlimited licenses.  Here’s a cool intro video from Instabuilder to give you a sneak peak, or you can read more here:

Here’s your chance to grab this little nugget of gold. If you’re feeling a little nervous I can promise you their video tutorials are awesome and their Help Desk has always answered my questions fast as lightening. So have a peek and let me know what you think. I am pretty sure Instabuilder will help you like it helped me and take your monetization efforts to the next level.

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