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Surviving The Holli-Daze: Review from Faydra Koenig-America’s Divorce Coach

Managing the holidays is hard enough without the added stress of dealing with a divorce. Not only are you trying to deal with a lot of emotional stress, you are also juggling new financial independence, including paying out or relying on support payments, splitting your time with and without your children and wondering how the heck you are supposed to feel in the holiday  spirit when your life is in chaos.

Holli Daze Dealing wirg Divorce and Christmas

There are only so many glasses of wine and repeated viewing of Elf that one person can take during this hectic time of year. I am happy to say, the “divorce” piece of this puzzle not something I have to personally deal with, I do have many friends who are doing just that. Trying to juggle holiday stress, split households, gift buying madness and trying to do it all with a smile plastered on their face. I know, respect and admire Faydra and think she has a valuable message to share. SO, if you are one of the many who are in the category of “juggling the holidays with a side order of divorce,” I am going to do my best to share Faydra’s message with you and encourage you to take a stand against your own personal “Holli-Daze.”

Get a good support system in place. We all need a tribe to support us and get us through during the tough times. And it’s this support system that will help you retain clear thinking and sanity during those emotional moments when you are feeling a little cray-cray. Form a solid support system and lean on them when need be.

Know your triggers. During the holidays your senses are overloaded with sights, sounds and smells that trigger many thoughts and actions. Avoid any “hot spots” or areas/situations that may trigger unpleasantness and send you in a tail-spin.

The piece of this course that I really felt hit home was Holli-Daze: Dealing with Loneliness. Again, this could apply to ANYONE. I know lonely people who live in a houseful of people. Faydra has some great tips and ideas to keep that Loneliness Monster at bay and nurture yourself at the same time.

Social media can be our friend…right? I would answer that as “most of the time.” Faydra advises to stay off social media during this time of year. If you are upset about your circumstances, chances are your mindset is not in the best space. This can cause you to engage in social media in unflattering ways. We’ve all been there. It’s late, you are exhausted and your emotions are getting the best of you and next thing you know you are posting a rant in response to a question or topic on Facebook. Spare yourself the heartache and embarrassment during this trying time and step aaawwwyyyyy from social media for a while.

Faydra also has some amazing tips for keep finances in check during this blessed, but expensive, time of year. Faydra secret “ninja saving trick” is pretty darn brilliant and could apply to any person, in any situation, anywhere. Faydra also had some pretty kick-butt tips on “dealing with your ex” during the holiday season. I’m not going to share them here, but (even though I am not dealing with an “ex”) I found them very eye-opening and full of valuable insights. She has some very positive tips and ideas for those families struggling to be in the same room-yet wanting and needing to provide the best Christmas experience possible for the kids.

I asked Faydra what she wanted readers and potential viewers to know about her Surviving the Holli-Daze course, and she had this to say;

There is no reason for you to numb your emotions this Christmas with an over dose of brandy-laced egg nog. The first holiday season during a divorce is horrible because you have no idea that things will get better. They will, and with this product, you have an insider handing you secrets to make coping with the holiday’s infinitely easier than it would have been otherwise.  -Faydra

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