Fun Tools to Help you be a Better Freelancer and Blogger

I am always on the hunt for new apps, tools and programs to make our lives easier and help my freelance business run smooth. Here are a few of latest-and-the-greatest that I have found and use.



Generate Blog Post Titles Using Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Good headlines and article titles are so critical these days for pulling readers in and encouraging them to hang around and read your work. But there are times when creative title ideas just vaporize from your head like Snickerdoodles on Christmas. Thanks to Tweak Your Biz Title Generator, cool and effective title ideas are just a few clicks away.

You just wrote an amazing blog post. You want to encourage everyone to share, but something fun and innovative beyond the usual click of the Twitter sharing icon. Check out ClickToTweet as a way to encourage your readers to do more tweeting, and do it in a creative way.

ClickToTweet is quick, easy to use, FREE and will take an meaningful quote from your blog post like: “Check out these cool tools that will “up the ante” in your freelance & blogging efforts for 2014 @IMFreelanceFree” into this  {Go ahead, try it. You know you wanna!}

Tweet: Check out these cool tools that will “up the ante” in your freelance & blogging efforts for 2014 @IMFreelanceFree

Nothing is more annoying than being engrossed in a great article but when you click the call-to-action  link, or any link that is part of the story, and have it go to the land of 404 Error. Talk about a buzz kill. Links to external or internal pages on your blog that don’t work create a bad impression of your website, but there is a way to easily cover your butt. Broken Link Checker is a free tool that goes through your site and finds any broken links.

What cool tools have you found lately?

Introducing FREElance FREEdom

Your Guide to Making the Leap to Being a Work At Home Professional

Beautiful young student woman study with tablet in park

Have you every dreamed of working from home on your own terms? Dreamed of earning a steady, and honest, income while still having plenty of time for friends and family.

Lucky for you, it is all very possible. It’s a life that I have successfully been living for over 4 years…and I can’t imagine supporting my family (and following my dreams!) any other way.

Within the pages if this robust 85+ page downloadable e-book and resource guide is the motherlode of awesome information about working from home (on your own terms) all rolled into a handy read-at-your-own pace guidebook.

Whether you are looking to pursue a career as a freelance writer, virtual assistant, graphic designer (and more) this Resource Guide will provide the insight, tools, guides, advice and strategies that can apply to any freelance business. If you want the very basics of getting started without the benefit of support and coaching, this eBook is for you.


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