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I think I just found my newest addiction J

I love images. I love storytelling. Now I have a fun, super-easy, fun and fresh way to use BOTH. Costory is an amazing and FREE new site for anyone who is passionate about photo storytelling.

Photos are at the heart of every Costory and this makes every story unique and beautiful. A Costory consists of “Scenes” which are a chance to add one vibrant image, a 100 character headline, a 500 word mini text post that compliments your image and weaves the story together, one “scene” at a time.

Here’s the scoop for Costory’s creators:

What is Costory?

  • Costory is the next generation of collaborative storytelling.  Costory stands for “Continue the story.”
  • Costory takes a theme and breaks it down into smaller, digestible “scenes.”  Each scene can stand by itself as an independent story.  A reader discovers a scene and from there he/she can discover the broader story.
  • Once you create a theme, other authors can contribute their own scenes to that theme.  This means a higher engagement from the audience.
  • Each story continues to evolve. In the future, you may add a new event to that theme.  So the story keeps growing and evolving over time.


For example, as a blogger your may have a series or a theme that you are working on for your blog. My first Costory was created from a reoccurring theme I do on my blog every summer called The Quest for a No Bummer Summer. You can take a gander at my very first (and for sure NOT last!) Costory HERE.

I was also eyeballing Costory today and I came across this breathtaking Story called Why We Love our Mothers. It’s a gorgeous compilation of 10 authors from 4 different countries sharing their thoughts and images on why they love their Moms (you may noticed, I am one of the authors!!). Remember, each image is a mini story so click on it to see they thoughts that match the virbant images. SO cool.



What will create with your first Costory?


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2 thoughts on “Share Your Story With CoStory

  1. Thanks for your breakdown of CoStory. I find things on Twitter all the time, but when I go to their home pages, there is little to know info. on what they are or how to use them. Another example was Reddit. I hear a lot about it but unless you already know what you’re doing, you’re pretty much left to figure it out when going to the websites. It’s funny how many sites let other people explain them to newby’s. Thanks for being an explain-er.

    1. You are welcome. I like being a “explain-er” and I have the same problem with going to sites of new tools and apps and thinking, “huh?” That’s usually when I did in, try it and then report on it. Sometimes you find duds, sometimes you find gems 🙂

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