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What’s Your “Word” for 2015?

A few years ago, I noticed many of my friends picking their “Word” for the upcoming New Year. At first I was puzzled, then I saw the infinite power and usefulness of this practice. Let me explain:

Your “Word” is the one word you pick to sum up what you want to accomplish/achieve in the upcoming or existing New Year. Pick just one word to inspire you all year. Love this idea. Simple, powerful and to-the-point.

Last year my Word was “ReFocus.” I wanted to re-focus my business efforts and grow my writing work. Basically (on a business level) I had planned on doing less VA work and more freelance writing work. It worked to some degree and my writing work did expand, but within the last few months I also found myself saying “yes” to more virtual assistant social media work and immediately hating myself for it afterward. Don’t get me wrong, social media management absolutely pays the bills, but it is a notorious time-sucker and incredibly frustrating. I found myself saying to friends, “Yes, I am super busy. Swamped in fact. But I don’t have time to be creative (writing) and that makes me sad.

I don’t like that feeling.

After a few months of being glued to my desk, staring at social media stats, I realized I had severely back-pedaled on my goals and path and I needed to get my Energy Bus back on the right road.

With that in mind, I am toying with choosing between several Words for 2015, all of which I think apply to my vision for the New Year.



Wellspring= Tasks that make you feel energized and confident, and give you an advantage. An original and bountiful source of something.
Sally Hogshead has a wonderful article recently about identifying your Wellsprings and your Quicksand. It was so timely and so fitting, that Wellspring is now in the running for my Word for 2015. I highly recommend reading this article because if anything, it will put somethings into perspective for you. I want to find my Wellspring of love, health, success and balance.
This word is inspired by Diem Brown, a former MTV star and Ovarian Cancer survivor. Diem recently lost her 10 year battle with cancer at the age of 32 and she was an amazing example of fight and determination. I may be dating myself here but I was an avid MTV watcher and remember spunky Diem very well. I was very sad when I heard of her passing but this quote from her really resonates with me:

I want to live life vigorously. I want to seize every moment of every day, feel the sun on my skin, bask in the smiles of my kids and stretch my legs and see the world. I left the 9-5 grind to do just that and I seemed to have lost my way.



Honoring-regard with great respect.


Again this applies to me, my life, my work and my family. I want to focus on honoring why I decided to work from home in the first place, the time my family needs, my skills and passions and most of all; my health. That too has massively hit the skids and I don’t want my children crowding around a hospital bed asking me why I didn’t take better care of myself. I need to honor that inner athlete that really wants to get out and the honor the desire to grow old and be annoying for as many years as possible.

What’s your Word for 2015?


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8 thoughts on “What’s Your “Word” for 2015?

  1. I love all these words but I think Wellspring is my favorite. It makes me think of health, water and vitality. I never heard of Diem but losing a 10 year battle to cancer at the age of 32? How heartbreaking and just stops me in my tracks.

    This is a great question, I am going to have to give it some thought. Of course, along with my blog name, I might choose Victorious. I will focus on my victories against my chronic illness. I might choose Passion, give everything I do my best and accept only the things I am passionate about to the extent I can. I might choose Focus because I tend to start a project with focus but get easily distracted along the way. Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup and hope you join us again next week! Pinning to our linkup board and sharing on social media, you might see me write about this with a credit to you for getting me thinking about it. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit. I think I am going to keep it simple this year and just go with “savvy” – trying to become savvier in 2015. I have a bunch of goals health, reading, self-acceptance, etc., but think I won’t stick to it if I make it too complicated.

  3. Oh, this is a great idea! I’ve seen it going around, but for some reason I always thought it was some sort of weird quiz thing or something! hahaha One word comes to mind for me next year: Focus. I have a lot I want to accomplish next year so I think I will do this and make a vision board with this as the center! Great post!

    1. Yes, I was super shocked about Diem. Just a beautiful light of a person 🙁 We can all take a lesson in courage and resilience from her. Thanks for stopping by!

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