Farewell to the nRelate Plugin


This morning as I logged in to Franticmommy, I was greeted with this final farewell message from the creators on the nRelate plugin;

“As they say, all good things must come to an end. As of Wednesday December 31, 2014, the nRelate service will officially be switched off – forever. Please deactivate, and delete all nRelate plugins from your site before then, as they will no longer work. “

The nRelate plugin offered readers and visitors to your site recommendations of articles similar in content or topic. These suggestions came in the form of thumbnail options at the end of each article along with the basic message of’ “If you like this post…” The premise is to keep readers on your site longer to view more of that site’s information. Bottom line; it’s meant to share more possible options of my madness and quirk to lose who kinda think I am funny/cool/informative.

So off I go in search for alternative plugins for my site that will offer the same functionality of nRelate. So far, I have found several options:

Contextual Related Posts

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP):


Related Posts Thumbnails

WordPress Related Posts.

For now, I think I will try YARPP because, let’s face it…it’s fun to say (YARPP, YARPP, YARPP). I also like that I can “disallow” some of my categories and tags that are no longer relevant (like year-specific posts or giveaways). Time will tell whether I keep YARPP or not.

What plugin are you opting for?

Please share!