Resisting Supermom Syndrome

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As women, every weekday we work, we toil, we assist, we wait-on, we advise, we help.

Then we come home, and work HARDER.

Not that we mind. I am sure I speak for 99.9% of the moms in the world that acknowledge that parenthood is the hardest work we will do, but it is almost the most rewarding.

Weekends are our escape from the weekday grind, but sometimes we get so caught up in “go, go, GO!” mode we forget how to throttle back and take some time for ourselves. Moms/women need to carve out “me time” as often as possible. It’s the old airline “put the mask on yourself first” scenario. We need to keep ourselves healthy, recharged, and well so we are able to continue to be the best we can be for our kids and family.

So what do you do when your body is dragging, your mind is depleted, and your internal tank is flat outta gas? Here are some ideas to get you started on the path to refreshed and invigorated:

Do something different: Chop wood, dance in your under-grunders, take a Belly Dancing class, play the guitar loud, or go to the lake with your family. Get off the couch and have an adventure!

Consider Testing out a New Hobby: Ever tried something new and discovered you loved it? Here’s your chance to bust out of your Daily-Routine-Box and Try something radically new by trying a non-typical hobby. Maybe it’s beekeeping, composting, ghost-hunting or thrifting. Challenge yourself and reap the rewards.

Get Some Air: There is nothing more healing than good ‘ol fresh air. So when your body is lagging-n-dragging, step outside, breathe some air and feel the sun on your skin. I promise your batteries will be recharged in no time.

Laugh! Need help with that? Watch My Drunk Kitchen Episodes on You Tube or the Poo-Pourri commercials. Seriously. They are awesome.

Hang With The Besties. Find a Starbucks nearby and go there with a friend.  It’s a great place to get a delicious coffee or tea and “chill.”  PLUS, their arm chairs are really comfortable.  If you are alone, take your laptop and enjoy the wi-fi access or read a good book. If all else fails, round up the gal-pals, head for the nearest tavern and indulge in a good old fashion “ditch-n-bitch” over some spirits and greasy nachos.

 Be a Slug and UNPLUG!!  Stay in your pajamas until 2pm, watch a cheesy movie, or organize your recipe card box (if that truly floats your boat). Look like heck? Who cares. You are unplugged from the world and don’t even think of opening the laptop or checking the iPhone for a full day.

Mix-it Up: Any sort of exercise is awesome, but mix up your normal routine with something different. Go bowling, kickboxing, ice skating or roller blading. Walk the neighbor’s dog just for the heck-of-it. Yoga is awesome for all ages and strength abilities. Sign yourself up for a weekend class or watch a DVD at home.

Better Your Brain: Currently I am reading Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own Northern Star and also Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart. Occasionally I will indulge in some forget-my-woes fiction like Cry of The Sea or Alas, Babylon. Books are an amazing tool to better your brain and travel the world without leaving your couch 🙂

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