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Five Beacons of Light I am Grateful for this Week

Ever had one of those weeks months where you are pretty sure that you need a, “WARNING: Stay Clear” sign on your forehead because you are …well…WITCHY?

I’ve attempted to shake off my present-situation-difficulties-and-uber-stress with Chinese buffet food and good ‘ol gal-pal camaraderie, and’s kinda helping. I am not sure what my malfunction is, but I do know that in these dark times there are always beacons of light (friends, families, new opps and mentors) who seem to surface right at the right times.

That being said, I’ve also come across some pretty amazing articles and sources of inspiration over the course of the last week, You know, those people, stories and thoughts that are seemingly put in your immediate path for a reason? Here are a few of my “beacons of light:”

Erika Napoletano: “Let your freak flag fly so they can see it from 300 yards and work their way through a crowd of ferrets to find your brand of fabulous. There are people out there who yearn to stand next to your brand of freak.” I adore Erika Napoletano. LOVE her sharp tongue, quick wit. Read more here.

I adore Jaime Primak Sullivan and I am super stoked to have been able to meet her in person at Moms Rock Expo.


Her ‪#‎cawfeetawk‬ episodes are always good, but today’s is exceptionally powerful. Check it out. Love ya today, Jaime!

Rachel at Rachel is another amazing mom and inspirational Minnesotan that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. She’s one of those writers who always is able to crawl into my brain and write about things that are bugging me in that moment. This last few weeks she’s offered up articles on 82 Blessing for Kids and On the Days You’d Like a “Do Over.” These two posts have reminded me to cherish my most precious gift in life (my kids) and there WILL be “Epic Fail” days…and it’s OK. Love.HER.

My Bestie, Jennifer: Hats off and huge bestie hugs to my friend Jennifer who, on the rare occasion that I do vent and dump, listened, understood and gave her support. She is the da Bomb-Dot-Com and I am lucky to have her in my corner. Plus she sent me this hella-cool graphic 🙂


#Brainlab: A new find for me and something I believe is popular with the realtor-crowd. Still, the message was timely, helpful and inspiring. The topic was making decisions based on love, or fear. Spot.On.


Ahhh #BrainLab is blowing my mind!! It just keeps getting better and better! Beautiful conversation today with #beautiful people! I hope this helps boost you into the weekend! #Love you all!! #onepercentbettereveryday#gobegreat#chooselove#loveyourself#shineyourlight

Posted by Bo Storozuk on Saturday, April 18, 2015


What were YOUR Beacons of Light this week?

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