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The 5-Day Activate Your VA Business Challenge starts this Monday, February 20th!

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Too overwhelmed to create the Virtual Assistant business you want?

So many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to setting up their virtual assistant business.

They’re not sure where to start.

They’re not sure exactly what they need to set up shop.

They start researching and then hit information overload when they see all the info out there.

Then their progress is stalled because, when you feel overwhelmed, you often do nothing.

Does this sound like you?

I have something that will help.

My friend and VA coach, Alicia Jay of New VA Advice, has created a brand new no-cost resource for you.


It’s the 5-Day Activate Your VA Business Challenge!



Over the course of 5 days, you’ll take ACTION on setting up your VA business.

The challenge is delivered via email and covers topics like:

–1. Thinking like an entrepreneur. It’s a different mindset than that of an employee!

–2. Creating a schedule that works for you. In order to see progress, you need to set a schedule that works around your life.

–3. Narrowing down your services. Get help deciding what services you’d love to provide—ones that you’ll get paid for!

–4. Choosing your target market. Marketing becomes easier and clearer when you know who you’re interested in working with.

–5. How to celebrate successes. Celebrating progress—big or small—gives you confidence to move forward. Alicia will also discuss next steps you can take after the challenge to keep the momentum going.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, stalled or overwhelmed when it comes to creating your VA business, you don’t have to stay in that place.

The 5-Day Activate Your VA Business Challenge starts Feb. 20th. Don’t miss it!