Just Write


I thought I’d pop in for a second and share some thoughts from a freelancer’s perspective. The world is an uncertain place right now. I could go on and on about business or school closures and job loss, but I won’t. The best advice I can give to humans right now is JUST WRITE.

BUSINESS PEOPLE–Just Write. Start a blog. Share your thoughts, tips advice, perspectives on social media. Don’t disappear or fall into despair. Realtors, teachers, veterinarians, clergy, designers…share what you know. JUST WRITE.

People are online searching because they are…



Looking for help

Looking to help

Share the info they need to see.  And if you need help, the next group of people below is poised and ready to help you implement!

FELLOW FREELANCERS: Take this time to share your knowledge freely. Your voice has value and needs to be heard right now too. On the flip side, help your connections amplify their voices as well and disperse their messages. JUST WRITE.

CLIENTS: Instead of pulling back work from your remote workers, get creative. Leverage social media to share stories, tips, case studies, free reports that support and attract people. Be heard. JUST WRITE.

DISPLACED WORKERS: Just Write. Now is the time to write that novel that’s been rattling around in your head. Find a Facebook Writer’s Group and join it. I promise you are not alone!

MOMS AND DADS: Just Write. Journal your fears, worries, expectations, and Plan Bs or even Plan Cs. Get that junk out of your head and on to paper. I think you will be surprised at how therapeutic it is.

So, today, I encourage you to put pen-to-paper or fingers to a keyboard and JUST WRITE.

Let me know if you need help navigating your new writing journey 

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