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MOMS…are you looking for ways to earn extra income, without losing your flexibility, while the kids are either in school or out of school in the summer?

I have the answer {and it’s not as hard as you think!}

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BUT FIRST…please know that my goal in becoming an “expert” on the topic of working from home successfully (re: emotional and financial success) isn’t to come across as a giant smartypants. I am still a work in progress, but five+ years into this amazing freelance/work-from-home-full-time adventure I think I have a pretty good handle on what to do and what not to do!

I’ve pretty much made all the self-employment mistakes possible and will share my lessons with you in the pages of this ebook so you don’t have to make the same ones! 🙂

My goal is to help women just like me discover that there IS “life beyond the cubicle.” I want to educate newbie and veteran mompreneurs (in my fun and quirky style) that working from the comfort of home and supporting a family is totally attainable.

Life Beyond the Cubicle is Very Possible!
Life Beyond the Cubicle is Very Possible!

The following information about FREElance FREEdom is not “the fluff” of working from home. It is real life, I’ve-been-there-done-that-no-B.S. details that share the tips, secrets, best practices, processes and resources that peel back the curtains and share the honest facts about being self-employed and a business owner.

Working from home is not all butterflies and unicorns, but it IS completely worth it.


As a former “9 to 5er” I know the struggles and frustration of working to make a living, but feeling like you’ve forgotten to make a life. Though not easy, there is a another way to make money to support your family, yet enjoy the sweetness that life has to offer.

In FREElance FREEdom, we will being sharing tips, tactics, secrets and strategies on how to become a freelancer and live the life you deserve. Freelancers can be anything from accountants and marketing pros to writers and virtual assistants.The opportunities for becoming a freelancer are endless.

The key here is the word “FREE.”  By becoming an independent contractor (Freelancer) you have the ability to shift and adjust your work load and working hours around that thing called LIFE. And still earn an honest income.

This robust 85+ page downloadable e-book and resource guide is the motherlode of awesome information about working from home (on your own terms) all rolled into a handy read-at-your-own pace guidebook.

Whether you are looking to pursue a career as a freelance writer, virtual assistant, graphic designer (and more) this Resource Guide will provide the insight, tools, guides, advice and strategies that can apply to any freelance business. If you want the very basics of getting started without the benefit of support and coaching, this eBook is for you.

Introducing FREElance FREEdom: Your Guide to Making the Leap to Being a Work at Home Professional!

FREELance FREEdom 

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I SWEAR this ebook is NOT about doing corny online surveys or selling your valuable content for “$2.00 per 800 words.”

THAT kind of income is not realistic, sustainable or steady.

Real income opportunities exist for those with skills like writing, admin, graphic design and social media. Some where there is someone willing to PAY you for the knowledge you have in your brain. 


What IS in this ebook is juicy, accurate and uber useful resources and ninja tips like:

  • How to create your work-from-home business
  • How to determine your skillset
  • Where to find work
  • Tips & Secrets for Working from Home
  • Matching up your Skills to Freelance Opportunities
  • Effective Ways to Monitor Your Income
  • What You Need to Work from Home – A Checklist
  • The WAH (Work at Home) Formula
  • How to Prospecting on the Bidding Site
  • What Tools & Services will be Best for Your Biz
  • Sample templates like a Virtual Assistant Contract and other tools
  • Links to the thought leaders and teachers you need to know
  • Reading suggestions to take your FREElance FREEdom biz to the next level.

Invest in YOURSELF Get this e-Book and Resource Guide for only $2.99 for a limited time!

(Seriously, that’s less than a latte!)

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Resource packet – invaluable! Especially the tax and income worksheets. – Jenny

 Information was great! Ready for ebook number two! – Lynette

I found what I was looking for! Can’t wait to start. – Mary Jane

I feel like I can finally get started exploring freelancing part-time and eventually full-time. Lots of good info! -Lisa

 I was so grateful to know and see the multitude of site to go to and find work – and administrative focused. As a VA starting out, this was one aspect I was a very concerned about figuring out. Thank you! – Tessa

SO….Whether you are looking to pursue a career as a freelance writer, virtual assistant, graphic designer (and more) this Resource Guide will provide the insight, tools, guides, advice and strategies that can apply to any freelance business.

If you want to explore money-making options to enhance, or replace, the income you already have coming in… this eBook is for you.

FREElance FREEdom

FREElance FREEdom

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What you can expect inside this ebook that is chocked full of Tips & Secrets for Working from Home and Discovering Life Beyond the Cubicle!

  • How it all Began
  • Let’s Talk About Working from Home
  • Time Management: Working From Home Doesn’t Mean Working All The Time
  • The Importance of Balance (from Moms in the Trenches)
  • Steps to Take Before You Make the Leap
  • Your Skillet Set Toolbox (The Things That Make YOU, uniquely YOU)
  • Freelance Opportunities Are Everywhere!
  • Motivated by Money
  • The Dos and Don’ts for Freelancers
  • The WAH (Work At Home) Formula
  • Where to Find Clients
  • Making a Steady Income from Home
  • Writing for Magazines and Publications
  • Freelancers Are Business Owners
  • Writing Tips for Online Writing
  • Tools and Services
  • Virtual Assistant /Freelancer Terminology
  • Recommended Reading, Education Resources, Conferences and Top Influencers.

BTW, I am not flying solo on this! My Smart Friend and Super Freelance Guru Kathleen Krueger has  supplied her vast knowledge of the “ins-and-outs” of working as an independent contractor and small business owner within these pages as well. She’s the bookkeeping and organization mind in this duo and together we are committed to helping others become a freelancer and  demostrating that there IS life beyond the cubicle.

Is this the year you will start taking charge of your life? Is this the year to make a living on your own terms? Time to discover that….

“Life Beyond The Cubicle is Very Possible”

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I know you’ve heard this a million times before; but this really is an investment in your future. You wouldn’t hesitate to spend $3 on your family, right? Why do moms always need to come on second? They don’t! This is an easey-peasey-lemon-squeezey way to get the info and resources you need to make income, on your terms, while still preserving precious family time. Do this for YOU. This is YOUR year!

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