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Howdy my peeps!

With things getting more and more nutty in the Kingdom of TIRED, I’ve decided it’s time to call in the cavalry. 

I know SO MANY talented bloggers/writer “out there” I would be truly honored if any of them interested in submitting a guest blog post on my lil ol Franticmommy blog.

Interested? FABBY.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but my inner speaker/trainer/admin NEEDS to let you know that guest blogging on other blogs is a great way :

1. Get some experience

2. Gain some exposure to a whole new readership

3. Have fun

4. Share an opinion, service, or area of expertise

5. Be funny, goofy, cheesy, and tell funny stories on someone else’s real estate.


What? Did you say “you don’t blog?” LISTEN, if you can write an email, you can write a blog post. Com’on now. Don’t be a chicken-crap. I don’t bite (most if the time.)


  • Your guest blog post need to be 300-500 words and have useful content, but also here in the Kingdom of TIRED we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I am all for blog posts that cater to parenthood, kids, and anything that can help make our lives easier.
  • Bad spelling makes me crabby. Unless it’s done by me. Then it’s perfectly acceptable 😉
  • Please don’t make it all-about-you. This is not the place for a sales pitch unless you have a riding vacuum cleaner or an oven that flushes (two my dream pieces of house equipment). People like value and stuff written in fun, conversational way.

What’s in it for YOU?

I’d love to give you a bio, photo, contact info, and links back to your personal website or blog. Again this is great way to gain exposure and drive some traffic back to YOU.

STUCK? Need Some Ideas? Here’s some topics that I think would be cool to see a blog post on:

  • I am really groovin on topics that would apply to family’s with young to middle-aged kids. Season-appropriate crafts, activities, book lists, book reviews, and travel are all good topics.
  • Kids and reading. LOVE to encourage kids to read. Any ideas, book suggestions, or programs you want to talk about would be dandy.
  • Tips for other Mom bloggers. If you want to shine the spotlight on a blogger that you think is doing amazing things, I’d love to hear about it.
  • Blogger profiles: Maybe it’s just a blogger you have followed for years and like what they do. Interview them in kind of a Q&A thing.
  • Thought and tips that are inspiring, informative, and useful to moms who are working from home would be super-awesome.
  • Funny stories about the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Are the creative juices flowing? AWESOME. Shoot me an email at Rebecca (at) Franticmommy (dot) com and let me know your thoughts, questions, and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!  

Final thought: I am no ball-breaker, and as you can tell, I have my own distinctive style. However, as the owner of this real estate, I do reserve the right to pass on any submission I feel doesn’t fit the “voice” of Franticmommy.


Writer, blogger, social media fiend, and proud mama, Becky Flansburg writes for a variety of places including HerVoice Magazine, Franticmommy, and BizEase Support Solutions. When not creating typos and brain lint here, she can be found spending waayyy too much time on Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.



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