Tips and Tricks for a Wildly Successful Garage Sale ebook



Organizing experts have stated that the average family of 4 has at least $1500 worth of unused, sell-able items in their home.

I think it’s MORE.

It’s time to take action. Instead of letting these outgrown, unused, and excess items clutter up your home and Weigh.You.Down…

Turn it into CASH.

Tips & Tricks for a Wildly Successful Garage Sale


Having a garage sale is a great way to clear out the clutter and make extra money. Period. I know they can be a lot of work, but as long as the whole family pitches in it’s a great way to de-junk and de-clutter.

Clothes get outgrown, tastes in music or books change, and we upgrade furniture and electronics to something new and fresh. Whatever the reason, many homes quickly clutter up and get buried under an avalanche of “stuff.”

I have being hosting yearly garage sales for 25 years. I have also spent hours and hours studying how other families conduct successful sales as well. I’ve taken that knowledge, experience, and research and rolled into one fun and easy-to-read free guide.

AND for a limited time…

I am offering my Tips and Tricks for a Wildly Successful Garage Sale for FREE. 20 pages of ideas, tactics, best practices, and strategies to turn your “stuff” into “income.”  This ebook includes:

Tips and Tricks for a Wildly Successful Garage Sale

The Basics

  • Gathering Your Supplies
  • Tables
  • Call for Back-up
  • Here’s Your Sign
  • Timing
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Get Change
  • Advertising
  • Early Birds Don’t Get The Deals
  • Price It

How To Price Your Items to SELL

  • Pricing Tips
  • Bag Sales
  • O.B.Os

Practice Good Garage Sale Etiquette

  • The Golden Rule
  • Sell or Donate- THAT is the Question
  • Buyer Feedback is a Good Thing

Prepare for Battle

  • The Weatherman Lied
  • Extra Signage
  • The More The Merrier

Helpful Hints for a Wildly Successful Garage Sale


Summer is here and the time is RIGHT to de-clutter, de-junk, and make some extra money.

moneybagsOur family uses the proceeds from our yearly sale for special family treat. One year it was a swing set, another year it was a Basketball Hoop and stand. This year our proceeds will go into our No Bummer Summer Travel Fund for a fun family summer trip.

Convinced? Is your mind racing with which items in your home can be turned into CASH?

All you have to lose is unwanted STUFF!

 What you have to gain is MONEY and SPACE in your home!

Enter your information, and get for the Garage Sale (and Money Makin’) Season!

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