Diverse Kidlit
Author Yvette Pais

¿Qué Pasa? | Alphabetization in the Spanish Speaking World

Author Yvette Pais came across my radar during Multicultural Children’s Bool Day 2017. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and I consider her one of my many “online buddies.” She is kind, gracious and crazy-talented. Created by Yvette and illustrator Ines Hüni, the purpose of…

Chinese Dragon Craft

My Roundup of Gorgeous Chinese New Year Books and Crafts

I love holidays. Not just the “normal” ones like Christmas, Easter etc. I also appreciate the unique ones that give me and my family glimpses of other traditions and cultures. Chinese New Year is one of those kinds of holidays. Unlike our New Year celebrations,…

Shelly Bean the Sports Queen

Read an E-Book Week-Read an eBook; Support a #Teacher

It’s Read an E-Book Week! Otherwise known as; Read an eBook, Support a #Teacher First conceived by author Rita Toews more than nine years ago as a response to the stagnant acceptance of electronic reading, Read An E-Book Week has slowly built a strong international…