So you’re into Adult Coloring Books….


They have been my “go-to” activity for relaxation and decompressing after a long day. I have become quite the marker snob and I have at least three books full of completed works already.

I am officially HOOKED

And you must be too if you opted in to receive the Profit from Your Creative of Coloring!


To get started on this fun, and possibly profitable, activity click the links below to get instant access to your printable Adult Coloring Workbook and join the craze!

Adult Coloring Printable E-Journal

Adult Coloring Printable Workbook

BUT, Before you go….

If you want to feed your own Adult Coloring Addiction, here are some of my top picks for “must haves.”

I totally, hands down, recommend Zig Memory System Scroll and Brush Dual-Tip Markers. I love the paint-brush-like tip and the funky striping tip on the other end. They are little more expensive, but totally worth it if you like markers to color with.

zig scroll markersI swear I lay in bed at night and fantasize about this little beauty (because I have no life). If the Coloring Fairies granted my wish, and this appeared on my doorstep, I would for sure have a childish accident that would require a change of clothes…. 😉 (click the image to examine it closer on Amazon)

Zig Scrolls

I also have plenty of friends who prefer coloring pencils to color with and I use those on occasion too. Again, I think you should invest in some quality ones like these Prismacolor Premiers:

Prismacolor Premier

The Coloring Book for Writers: An Inspirational Brainstorming Tool (Volume 1)

adult coloring bookGood Vibes (coloring is fun)

adult coloring book

The Calm Coloring Book (Chartwell Coloring Books)


**to examine any of these items closer, click the image.

**Some of these links are also affiliate links (which means maybe…just maybe I can buy the fancy creamer for my coffee if you click a link and purchase a book via Amazon).