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Ten Tips For Awesome Blog Post Writing

Ten Tips For Awesome Blog Post Writing!

1. Watch your spelling! Grammar is a little more forgivable when blogging, but nothing screams “novice!” louder than misspells. Make Spellcheck your BFF.

2. People are more likely to read shorter posts. Buy shorter I mean 200-300 words. Readers are pressed for time and have a multitude to blogs to read so get to the point and keep it to 2-3 paragraphs. Why? Let’s face, people have goldfish attention spans these day. Short, sweet, and simple.

3. Break it up! If I visit a blog and see an endless SLAB of words, I probably won’t stay. Life is short and the dog is probably shredding something as I type. Make it easy for people to read, digest, and move to the next paragraph.

4. Blog the way you’d talk to your best friend. One of the many advantages of blogging it is a more conversational way to engage with people.

5. Be real. Be authentic. Be you. If you want to swear like a sailor, go for it. It’s your real estate. Just be mindful not all your readers will appreciate that level of raw. Jill from Scary Mommy and Naomi from Itty Biz can get away with it because it works for them and, well..they are just freakin awesome.
6. Use pictures and clip-art whenever you can, but don’t weigh down your blog post with 10 pictures. 2-3 is a nice balance.

7. Be nice. Be nice some more. Then with a side order of Be Nice. Don’t use your blog to rant and rave, talk smack about someone, or get revenge. Don’t be a Blogger Behaving Badly.

8. Think Keywords! You may be just writing for fun or enjoyment, but you still want people to find you. Make your titles keyword rich. Instead of “Our trip to the beach” try Family Travel To Lagoon Beach. Or instead of just “Kayden’s Story” make it “Kayden’s Story: Our Journey with Trisomy 18”

9. Explore the world of inspiration! Having a writers block moment? Read other bloggers. I get tremendous inspiration from reading other bloggers and noting what they are talking about.

10. Drive traffic using Social Media, Blog Communities (Blog Frog, SITS or Mom Bloggers Club) and especially guest posting on other blogs. Think outside the box too. Add your blog link to your email signature and even have business cards made up with your blog name and addy.

**Final Note: Make it easier for your readers to “share” you. Add the app to add social media icons to your blog posts.

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