Thursday Random Crap In My Head

I just finally got caught up on my ironing. It was like rediscovering a whole new wardrobe.

Everything you need to know in Social Media and blogging, you’ve learned from your Mother: 

  • *play nice
  • *clean up your messes
  • *leave things as you found them
  • *don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. 

A lot of people must have gotten Snuggies for Christmas. I am seeing many…many of them at garage sales this year…

Snuggie Thought #2: Isn’t a “snuggie” the same as a “wedgie?”

Snuggie Thought #2: I heard they may change the name from “Snuggie” to “Passion Killer.” Have you heard that?

If every time you leave your friend’s house you feel tired and depleted, it may be time for a new friend.

Dickheads are everywhere. And they seem to move around a lot.

People have gold fish attention spans these days….hey..do I smell bacon?

It’s summertime here. The world is SO not ready to see any of my body parts.

I read yesterday about “The Sea Gull Management Technique.” Basically it involves occasionally flying in, hovering around, making lots of noise, crapping on people, and leaving. I know people like that.

From the Land Of The Weird: 2% of people think Mitt Romney’s real name is Mittens.

Pantyhose must have been invented by a man. No woman would do that to another women.

When all else fails…NAP.

Some people are “movers and shakers.” Me? My “stuff” just shakes when I move.
Observation on Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Seriously. If you can’t get along, stay away from each other. Frickin-A!

Ever wonder if your dentist thinks you have crap breath?

Live everyday to it’s fullest. This ain’t no dress rehearsal. Treat every day like it’s your Opening Night.

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