Facebook and Twitter: What’s The Difference?


As entreprenuers we all know we “should be” doing some sort of Social Media to enhance our marketing efforts. And of course, we all know Facebook and Twitter are the The Mac Daddy’s of  SM platforms. BUT the big question is, which one is better?? Which is better for my business? Which one will help me achieve the business growth I lay awake dreaming about at night?

The Big Hairy Question: Which is better for me?  Twitter or Facebook?

 First, let’s discuss the differences.

There are three main ways to use Facebook.

  1. A Profile (personal)
  2. A Page (for business)
  3. A Group.

The best bang-for-your-buck (so to speak) are the business Pages. Once people “Like” your Page, your information/posts will show up on their news feeds making it a great tool for spreading your brand and gaining visibility for your biz. Facebook Pages will also show up on Search Engines giving your site added “searchability.” Searchability equals more traffic, and “more traffic” is likely part of that dream you lay awake thinking about at night.

Twitter, however, is a little different kind of critter.  Still a powerhouse in the “traffic-driving” department, Twitter only has one kind of account, but you can brand yourself to be for business or personal with your style and “Twitter handle.”  With Twitter, you can follow other Tweeters, and their comments or (Tweets) will be seen by you. But they don’t have to “follow you back” if they don’t want to. Which means; they won’t see the messages you send unless they specifically look you up. It still remains a great traffic-driver if you can use your 140 characters to create compelling Tweets.

Speaking of “140”, another difference is with amount of characters you have to get your point across on these two platforms. Facebook gives you TON of characters, as opposed to Twitters tiny 140. To make those 140 count is a great skill to cultivate and it will help you hone your skills on getting your point across quickly. It’s kind of the Social Media’s version of the K.I.S.S. Principle (keep-it-simple-stupid). Facebook’s extra characters are a bonus because it allows you to give a tiny bit of back story about what you’re cookin on, thus possibly giving your Liker’s more temptation to head to your website to see what’s up. Twitter is bite-sized information that is much like a headline.

Why Use Hashtags: There is definitely a rhyme-and-reason to using hashtags and lucky for you, BOTH platforms now utilize them.  Hashtags create a way to categorize your Tweets and help followers find more information on a specific topic. This is a practice often used during conferences and other events, whether live or online. Many Twitter users use hashtags to find more information on a topic they are interested in like #autism, #socialmedia, or #wine. Some Twitter users just use hashtags for fun and as a way of extending their story like #trappedintravelhell or #passthewineplease.

Bling: It used to be that only Facebook enabled you to add visuals like pictures or video to your Page posts, but now Twitter has jumped in the bandwagon allowing users to do the same. Twitter also have Twitter Vine, a really cool option to shoot and post mini movies  (6 seconds) to give users they chance to share a snapshot of their lives or brands. Facebook has more functionality with their images (bigger and bolder with the ability to Tag) but for Facebook users big, beautiful pictures are the deal breaker. Don’t include a picture on Facebook, your updates are likely to get ignored.

The Downsides:

Twitter moves fast. Your totally awesome Tweet will be buried under an avalanche of OPT (Other People’s Tweets) very quickly if you don’t use the research-able hash tags or tweet often.

Facebook: Facebook is rapidly moving towards a pay-to-play model and the best way to get your information seen by your Likers is to fork over some money for Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, or Facebook Ads. Not a b ad thing, just something to keep in mind.

The Upsides:

On Twitter the World is your audience and you are not limited by community or state. It’s active vibrant and pretty easy to maintain.

On Facebook you have the chance to tap into Liker building/traffic driving options like Facebook Contests. These contests are a great way to get solid activity on your page, spread your brand, and grow your Likers. BUT, before you get too crazy just know that there are A LOT of Facebook rules and regulations regarding contests.

 So which platform is best? Marketing 101: GO WHERE YOUR IDEAL CLIENT IS.

If you are a local bakery with some amazing treats and eats, Facebook maybe be a better options. If you are an on-line only company that sells products or services that can be bought and used by a worldwide audience, Twitter might be just the ticket. In a nutshell I really don’t think there is a right way, or a wrong way. So much depends on you and the needs of your business.

Pick one or pick both, but something to always keep in mind is that, it’ not just about YOU. These platforms are about engagement, connecting and trust building with others. Not chest thumping and deal spouting. Build relationships now, reap the benefits later.

Now go forth, Tweet, Post, Comment, and be FABULOUS.







Fun Facts: Facebook has over 1 billion users. Twitter has 200 million users (and that will have changed by tomorrow!)




BIO: Becky Flansburg is a FTWM (full-time workin mama) with two rugrats under 8, a hubby, 2 successful blogs. A self-described Social Media fiend and hardcore Mommy Blogger, she is always looking for ways to help moms-in-business be the best they can be. You can find her at Mom Squad Central www.lakesareamomsquadblog.com or the wildly raw, real, and hilarious Franticmommy  http://franticmommy.blogspot.com.

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