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Sunday Coffee Recap: Blogging, Potty Training Hacker Attacks and more

Happy Sunday! sunday

Time for my Sunday weekly recap. These would be the goodies, sales articles and tips I have encountered throughout the week that I would like to share with you. Some are articles I’ve written, some are great info from other peeps, but all are good things you may need to know before we begin a fresh week. Enjoy!

Got Potty? I am glad the Diaper Stage is behind us, but I do remember those days well and how tough the act of potty training was (especially for boys). My buddy Becky Mansfield has a wonderful ebook that will help you get through the diaper disaster in one weekend free you from the expense of diapers! Check out how to Potty Train in a Weekend and this great sale is ending soon . Potty Train in a Weekend
Hacker Attacker: These dang hackers truly need to “get a life.” The latest form of online shenanigans is something called DDoS Botnet Attack where basically they flood a major online site like Hootsuite or aWeber (services I use) with so much fake traffic that users can’t get in to use the platform. Kim Castleberry from Just Ask Kim {and awesome source of online info-love ya Kim!}had an excellent article on this and how bloggers could be contributing this problem without even realizing it. More here. Screenshot of WordFence Live View Blocking Attacks

Blogs and Money: I also discovered this killer article from Beauty Through Imperfection about How Much Money do Bloggers Really Make? REALLY eye-opening and also extremely encouraging. Check it out.

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make? This is great info! 11 different bloggers share how they make money, and how much they make a month!

Blogging Info: One thing I read within the above blog post was a comment from a blogger who encouraged other bloggers to sign up for trainings and books whenever possible and learn as much as possible. I couldn’t agree more. Even after seven years of blogging and I am always looking for that new tactic, tip and strategy that will help make Franticmommy even better. With that thought in mind, the latest e-book I purchased is this one from Miranda Marquit called Confessions of a Professional Blogger. ConfessionsProfessionalBloggerThough I am just starting to read, so far it is very good 🙂

What cool things did you find this week?


**some of these links are affiliate links. Rest assured I don’t recommend things I haven’t read, used or tried.

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