Blogging Starters: Sparking Ideas for those Brain Fart Moments

Created by Linda Fulkerson (posted with her permission)

Your brain goes blank and your eyes glaze over. Your empty blog page stares defiantly at you, daring you to come up with a fresh idea. Just ONE.

Sound familiar? Here are some AWESOME blog starters thanks to master blogger, Linda Fulkerson. Enjoy!


1.    The Quick and Easy Way to ______
2.    The Anatomy of a Perfect _______
3.    A Surprising Way to _____
4.    How to Get More _____
5.    (Insert #) Ways to _____ Using Only _______
6.    (Insert #) _______ Tricks that _______
7.    How to Avoid (#) Mistakes that Most _____ Make When _______
8.    (Insert #) Lessons Learned from Watching _______
9.    (Insert #) Things ______ Should Consider When _______
10. _____ is the New ______
11. _______ is a Bad Idea
12. How _____ Could Make _____ Better/Worse
13. There has Never Been a Better Time to ________
14. Even _____ Rarely ______
15. The Amazing/Astounding/Frightening Power of _______
16. The Most Striking/Impressive/Ugly/Obnoxious _______
17. How to Prepare for _____
18. The Ultimate _____ Quiz
19. The Secrets of _______
20. Everything You Need to Know About ______
21. A Remarkably Simple Way to _________
22. Why is there not a _____ that _____?
23. The Most Common _____ Mistakes
24. (Insert #) Common Mistakes that _____ Make & How to Fix Them
25. Why _____ Hate _____

Which one of these do you like?


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