No Bummer Summer

No Bummer Summer! Bring on The Summer Fun!

No Bummer Summer

It’s here! Summer vaycay is finally here and the Franticmommy clan is ready and willing to soak up the rays, spread our wings and have a little fun!

We Frantic Peoples are List Makers so before school even ended we sat down as a family and made a series of lists. Some were more popular than others 🙂

The first up was the Chore Chart for the kids. Jake (11) and Sara (8) now each have their own list or chore chart of things that need to be done daily, and weekly, to earn their allowance. This is a test run for sure. We’ve always been “that parent” who hasn’t been real hardcore about having our kids doing chores consistently. That in itself is weird as heck since I grew up on a hobby farm and “chores” were part of my adolescent day 365 days a year.

Each kids has “red x items.” These are the things that must get done before the TV gets turned on and the electronics get fired up.

chore chart

Even daddy has a chore list or “honey-do” list. Franticmommy has one too, but mine is hella-long.

The big sheet is my list for him, the shorter list is one he did for himself. I’ll bet you can figure out which one was more popular 😉

dad list

And there’s one special project on my list…one I am super excited to start on. To learn more about Little Free Libraries, go HERE.

Little Free Library

Last, but not least, is our Things Want To Do This Summer List. This list is one we created together and is kind of a road map for what we want to do this summer. On the list are things like:

Explore new towns

Visit the zoo

Mini Golf


Visit the Wolf Center

Go to the Safari Park (new local zoo)

Go to the Fair

Backyard camping

Lots of campfires

and much more

No Bummer Summer To Do List

What do you have planned this summer?


Please share!