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Minnesota Mommy Blogger (and Proud of it)

Minnesota Mommy Blogger

Wikipedia: A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website, a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.

By now, many of you may already know this information. least it seems like you do because the blank stares and the, “you’re a what?” are more few and far between these days. Now instead of saying “did you say you were a professional booger???” I get a spark of recognition when I say “blogger” and more “ooh, yeah, yeah, blogging. I’ve heard of that.”

Progress is a beautiful thing.

And when I see that spark, I get a little saucy and amp it up a bit and inform them not only am I a “blogger,” but I am Minnesota Mommy Blogger”….and I wear it like a badge of honor.  The downside to progress is that, 8 years into this blogging adventure, people will still make slightly condescending truly heartfelt comments like; “are you still doing that little ‘blogging thing?'” Those who know me best, or have been on Franticmommy for more that 10 minutes, will now that blogging is just a small-ish slice in my Big Pie of WAHM-dom.

But, in some circles the word “Mommy Blogger” isn’t always a good thing. There is (for some) a negative stigma attached to it. It’s kind like the word “telemarketer” as opposed to “phone sales.” Some people (including other writers and bloggers) hear the word “Mommy Blogger” and think of someone who does nothing but do product reviews, giveaways, and hawk products they themselves have never used. I, however, do consider myself to be so much more than that. I am a Mom, who blogs, and takes it very seriously. Like “second job”..oh wait…it’s now my FIRST JOB as of November 30, 2011.

It’s good to be ME 🙂

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OK, back to “Mommy Blogger.” I guess you could say I am more “phone sales” than “telemarketer.” On a rare occasion I will do a product review if it’s something I really relieve in. One of my goals on Franticmommy is to make other readers (mostly parents) LAUGH. That’s it, plain and simple. If someone finds my Franticmommy blog, reads my posts, and thinks “thank GAWD it’s not just ME!”mission accomplished.

Part Two of my main mission on this blog is to be as transparent as possible as I successfully navigate the world of business ownership/freelancer/work-from-home-pro. I want to show other people (especially moms) that it IS possible to make a living…a STEADY income from working from home. And do so without doing tedious online surveys, “watching TV for money” or selling your stellar content for “$2.00 per 800 words”…(please don’t ever do any of that or I will have to send a virtual ::swat:: your way).

On my “other blog”, Mom Squad Central (the official blog of Lakes Area Mom Squad) my goal is a little different. There is still a decent dose of upbeat quirk and humor, but my focus on that blog is my community. I love where I live and I’ve always felt that there needs to be a voice for the small business owners and solopreneurs who simply can’t afford big bucks for advertising. Lakes Area Mom Squad is all about The Power of Mommy. Basically, I help you, you help me…and together we are AWESOME 🙂 I am proud to say Mom Squad is very well read. I think people like reading about other people, especially about people in their own community.

So my blogging story. My why. My goal. My reasons for continuing to plod forward. I love blogging because I love to share, I love to help and I simply love to WRITE.

What is your blogging story?

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