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Social Media Review Half Price Sale

Don’t look now…but 2016 is sneaking up on you!


As I eyeball the calendar and note that it’s already the 9th month of 2015, talking about the upcoming new year really doesn’t seem that far-fetched anymore. Those of us in business, whether small or big, know that it’s never too early to begin the strategic planning for the upcoming year.

Instead of dread, all business folks, work-at-home mompreneurs, VA’s and freelancers should look towards this upcoming new year with excitement and optimism. Kinda like when you are expecting really important company that will be arriving bearing gifts of amazing opportunities.

Just as you would prepare your regular house for company, you need to prepare you business’ “house” as well to present not only a good first impression, but also an “I’m ready” appearance that welcomes opportunity.

That being said, how is your business’ online presence looking? Has your social media profiles and activities fallen by the wayside because more pressing issues have come up? There’s no denying that getting traction on social media is harder than ever…BUT…your social media efforts are still an incredibly important part of your marketing plan.

I have a friend who creates the most beautiful blog posts and activities for kids and she often asks me to “eyeball” her work for outside opinions. She does this because she knows that a second opinion or second perspective is a great idea. Those fresh eyes can pick up missing details or errors that she may have missed.

Your social media is the same way. During the month September I am offering a very special deal to a very limited number of people. I am offering my $99 Social Media Review for only $49.00 and there are only FIVE of these half-price packages available!
Social Media Review Half Price Sale

First you may be thinking, who-in-the-heck are YOU to tell what’s good for my business??

Let me clarify; a huge part of my WAHM life is being a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Specialist. Having this skillset takes a ton of work, a ton of education and a ton of time. But I do so eagerly because social media fascinates me and I know how powerful it can be for business.

My Social Media Review helps take the guesswork out your strategy by creating a customized “roadmap” for your business’ to utilize. Some call it a “work plan,” I call it your guidebook on easy-to-follow changes your business can make that will help optimize your social media efforts.

Here’s what is included in the $99 $49.00 Social Media Review (3 hour max) :

  • A full review of all of your current LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook profiles and creation a detail report on what to do/add to update and optimize your current social media profiles.
  • Tips and strategies on “tribe building” (which basically means gaining followers, Likers, and readers) to help you grow your reach.
  • Sweet Tweets: Puzzled on what to say on Twitter? I can create 10 tweets for you based on information on your website that will not only drive traffic back to your site, but act as a template for you to create future tweets.
  • Processes and systems: Who knew a simple Google Excel sheet could be the Home Base of your social media efforts? I will create your Social Media Master in Google Excel, show you how to use it to keep your social media on track and share the “formula” that seems to work well for all of my clients.
  • My apps and tools: The web is packed with great apps and tools (many are free) that can help make your social media efforts more seamless and streamlined. I will share my Top Picks for tools and apps and share resources to find more information and trainings.
  • Intro to Hootsuite is a great dashboard that gives you the ability to schedule social media into the future thus freeing you up for more important tasks. Coaching can be conducted via Skype using screen sharing option (30 minute max).
  • Blogging Advice: If your blogging efforts have gotten stalled, I can give you honest opinions (based on my 9 years as a blogger), resources, tools and even an idea list to help you get back on track.

It’s not to early to start planning for a successful 2016 and having an optimized and updated social media account, pages and profiles can help to create the impression, leads and connections you desire.

I can help, but remember, there are only FIVE of these half-price packages available and the sale ends September 30, 2015. Click HERE or click the PayPal button below to get started up “upping your online game” in 2016!

**Note, once payment is complete, you will be re-directed to my LAMS Communication site so I can gather details from you and start the process. Thank you!

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