4 Dream Discovering Questions to Ask Yourself

Holy Fraggle Rock, am I tired.

But it’s a good tired. The kind of tired you get from doing good work for good people and taking good care of your family.

As I eyeball my computer screen at 3:55 a.m. (I woke up, started getting excited for the upcoming day and couldn’t fall back to sleep) I know I am SO blessed in many ways. My kids are healthy and well, the holidays are coming and my business is booming. I have more work than I have time right now-something I am grateful for because I know of many people who have the opposite problem right now.

There are many things on my ever-growing To Do List that I hope to chisel away at today, including year-end bookkeeping (blech) and business planning for the coming New Year (yay!).

But slow and steady will win my race 🙂

How about you? Have you thoughts about what you want the New Year to be like? With that in mind, I’d like to four dream discovering questions that have served me well over the years. They are also four simple questions that you can use to ignite your Path to Awesome in the coming New Year as well; in business and in life.


Question #1: I am an expert in____________?

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves when we feel like we are floundering the quicksand known as life is to remind ourselves of all the things we are super-good at. Like “expert” good at.

Many people grumble, “I’m not an expert in anything” yet have vast knowledge or experience on several things. I also want to remind my peeps that being an “expert” is not always about knowing everything: it’s about knowing where to find the answers on the things you don’t know. I may not be a 100% expert in social media, but I know more than the average bear and know where to find the answers to the social media questions I am unsure of.

So what are you an expert in? Write it ALL down. Go ahead…do it. I’ll wait.

Question #2: What do I want to be known for?

It seems like, even though I have been a business owner and work-from-home-professional for over four years now, I still feel like I need to define what I want to be when I grow up! This question really dug deep into my gut and brain and made me hone in on ONE thing I want to focus on in 2016.

Do you know how hard it is to choose ONE thing when you have multiple interests, skills and basically want to rule the world? 😉

But focusing on the one thing, the thing I want to be known as an expert in is necessary if I want to cease topic-hopping and banish Shiny Object Syndrome. For me, to continue to go in several different directions all the time is very much like trying to paint a two-story house with one gallon of paint. That one gallon of paint represents my time and energy so I better pick which “side of my house” will give me the most impact and “bang for my buck.” It’s hard work…but I am getting close to narrowing it down.

What do you want to be known for? Once you determine that, the path to what you need to do next to advance your life or business will unfold. I guarantee it. Just make the time and head-space to really think about it.

Question #3: I am happiest when I am____________________.

For me, this helped me weed out all the bullsh*t and really see some of the activities, obligations and even people who were sucking the life outta me and also what I needed to “bless and release” before 20XX. Again, I encourage everyone to really ask themselves what makes their heart sing…and then nurture those aspects of their life to the fullest.

Question #4: What do I need to do to move my business or life FORWARD?

What worked this year? What didn’t work?

What new skill would you like to learn in the New Year. What thought-leader/mentor/teacher would you like to connect with?

In your wildest dream, what would enhance your business or life tremendously in the New Year. Great…now how can you achieve that?

I am truly hoping that the clarity on where/what you need to do/ change has thwacked you up betwixt the eyes. In a nice way, of course.

Now here’s the hard part; what do you need to do TODAY  to move forward in achieving these things and to implement the dream that has been percolating in your noggin for quite some time?

You got this Fabulous Peeps!

Dream Discovering Questions

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