12 Habits of Wildly Successful Solopreneurs

Is there a recipe for success? I actually think there is.

12 Habits of Wildly Successful Solopreneurs

I also think much of it comes from within…kind of like the idea of using the tools that are already inside of us instead of letting them be dormant. Honestly, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing powerless people in the world. The ones who think they need to just “be happy with” whatever life has handed to them. They seem powerless to sit up straight, in a moment of epiphany and determination, and say, “Hey, this totally sucks. I need to fix this ASAP.”

Endless studies have been done to find the ‘success habits” of some of today’s most wildly successful female entrepreneurs. Some of the results may be surprising, some may not be, but here are some ultra-cool common denominators that all mompreneurs should at least ponder on.

Passion: Do you know what the number one trait is that is shared by multitudes of today’s influencers? PASSION.  Many got their start by identifying a problem in an industry they were passionate about and worked to find a solution. Passion is also a key ingredient in longevity of business because, if you don’t have a deep passion for what you are doing, the likelihood that you will see it through is slim.



They Reject Notions of Perfection: Nothing can bog down a project or a business faster than they need for things to be “perfect.” Many entrepreneurs have faced this challenge at one point of their lives but quickly realized the debilitating factors around striving for perfection. Releasing notions of perfection does not mean, “Do things sloppily,” but it does mean entrepreneurs need to know when they are in “analysis paralysis” and things projects, idea, and business need to push forward.

They Don’t Put Off for Tomorrow What Can Be Done Today; Procrastination is the thief of time and many women business owners know better than to put off for tomorrow what should be done today. Having systems and processes in place to ward off the urge to procrastinate, or prevent getting so buried in work that things slip off the priority list, is another viable tactic of business women who are in the know. These same successful women know that scheduling meetings, events and even family dinners is a critical piece of maintaining a “procrastination free” life. As one busy working mompreneurs shared with me, “If I don’t schedule everything, even dates and down-time, into my calendar-it will never happen. Something else will come along and will up that empty space.”

They Value Customers: Successful business women also know the importance of awesome customer service tirelessly work to reinforce their beliefs among their employees. In a highly competitive world where customers have multitudes of choices right at their fingertips, savvy business owners know that exemplary customer service is a must when it comes to attracting, and retaining, customers. The ultimate goal of all successful online and offline businesses knows their customers intimately by listening, understanding and responding to the evolving needs and shifting expectations. Bottom line; the clients you have? Someone else might give their right arm for that client. Cherish the heck outta them.

They Create Inspiring Work Places: The knowledge and formula of attracting, hiring amazing talent, taking care of those key employees and establishing top-notch company cultures that promotes and motivates their employees is another success common denominator with successful women entrepreneurs. These savvy women know that the team behind a product or service is one of the most important factors for a flourishing business and continued success involves providing them with an inspiring and healthy workplace. Management 101=hire amazing talent, take care of those key employees and then get out of their way and let them do their job.

They Know When to “Bless and Release.” Not every business situation, relationship or project is a win/win. Smart solopreneurs know when to identify a “bad fit,” call it for what it is, bow out gracefully, reevaluate and move on. Walking away from a deal, project or a client who is draining them of time, energy and resources may be painful and even embarrassing, but it’s a true business savvy to know when to “cut bait,” re-evaluate the situation and adjust their sails for more promising waters.

They Never Stop Learning: The opposite of growth is death and successful women entrepreneurs all know they needs to evolve, grow and stay relevant with the times to keep their businesses alive and vibrant. Learning can be as simple as learning a new app or tool that makes their lives easier, to something more robust like a new language or skill. I personally love the act of learning and try to schedule “learning days” into every month.


They Are Comfortable with Failure: Many people may feel failure is the opposite of success but powerful female know that failure simply means they tried.  In the words of Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Failure will happen, it is inevitable, but it’s how that failure is handled, what is learned from it and how that new knowledge can be used in the future is the mark of a top influencer.

Bird of a Feather Flock Together: Strong and effective business women know that there is great power in surrounding oneself with people that cheer them on and support their business endeavors. Everyone’s support circle plays a vital role in not only their health and well-being, but the continued success of their business. Keeping up with friendships, yet continually forming new ones will only work to better a career and make everyone happier in the long run.

They Take Care of Themselves: More sleep, a healthy diet, downtime, frequent vacations, family time and more time away from the office are the common self-care threads that seem to run through all successful women entrepreneurs. Another common trait of top influencers is the act of grabbing a cereal bowl or a smoothie in the morning in order to keep their bodies fueled and operating at peak performance. Yes, I mean eating breakfast (and a Diet Pepsi or something in a cup from Starbucks doesn’t count!). Eating breakfast is an important investment in your health and time well spent.

They Strive for Balance: The quest for “work/life balance” is almost as mythical as the quest to find a live unicorn, yet successful mompreneurs know they must constantly strive to integrate the four aspects of a health life; family, work, community and self into their daily lives. Though not easy, it is doable and the result will be a key component in their continued success and happiness. Savvy business women also know that, no business venture or idea is worth sacrificing family over. Set boundaries early in your career and encourage those around to you to respect those choices.


They Practice Gratitude: Wildly successful women know the importance of acknowledging those people who continue to support them in both their private and business lives. Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude not only fosters a stronger connection with those who support you, it works to build long-term loyalty as well. Gratitude doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive; it can be as simple as a verbal thank you or as sweet and as thoughtful card in the mail. Another success tactic that is universal among successful women is their willingness to give back. Giving back to community or a favorite cause is a supremely healthy thing to do and empowering one as well.

How many of these are YOU implementing every day??


I know you need to make a living, but remember work is not everything. There is family, friends and your hobbies whom you should devote time to as well. I firmly believe that earning all money in the world is not worth sacrificing the most precious moments in your life for. Not only is it ok to take a break, but it is imperative that you do so. Working on your own can be very exhausting. By not taking a break you end up doing more harm than good.

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