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Get Out of Your Own Head | The Key to Getting Un-Stuck

We all have hopes, dreams and goals.


We all have things we wish to strive for.

They don’t have to be monsterously big or fancy either. These goals can be as simple as losing a few pounds to learning how to kayak for the first time (done!).

They can also be as extreme as creating a business from scratch or making a graceful exit from a toxic situation. Big or small,goals and dream take action and that’s where most people get “stuck.” The key to achieving these goals is moving from “dreaming” to “doing”…..and let me tell ya, dreaming is a whole lot easier. “Doing” is scary, time-consuming, messy, stressful… but oh-so necessary.

To actually “do” something in regards to a goal is what trips many of us up. We wait for the perfect opportunity or for when we have more money or more time.  “Someday,” We mutter. “Someday I will write that book/enter that marathon/start that business…..”


But without action, our “someday’s” never seem to evolve. They just stagnate in a drawer like a special keepsake that was meant to just look at instead of being used. I can tell you from experience unless you make today your someday, things will never move forward and your launch day/race day/first day of business, will never be realized.

Then we move into excuse-making and come up with self-destructing “what if” scenarios that haven’t even happened yet. I can relate. I used to be able to worse-case-scenario every goal I had to the point where it stressed me out to even to attempt to move forward.

The Key to Getting Un-Stuck: Get out of your own head and get out of your own way. You got this.

| The Key to Getting Un-Stuck

You can start by defining your goals and identifying a direction and do something. If you want to buy old houses and fix them up; form a plan and work the plan. Your plan can be as simple as buying a new carpentry tool a month to as complex as taking a real estate course so you understand the lingo and the industry. The bottom line is, move forward. Even if it’s a millimeter a day…at least it’s forward towards your goal.

I too have a plethora of these dreams and goals one of which is to write a children’s book. Have I done it yet? Actually…YES! But to took me a tremendously long time to get to the point of feeling the fire to WRITE.IT. Now it’s written and the publisher is on the hunt for a great children’s illustrator. There was a time (prior to writing the children’s book) that verbalized that dream to a good friend who ironically had the same dream! Together we formed a plan and hold each other accountable. It may not sound like much, but it’s still forward movement.

Here’s another point to ponder; a wise woman once told me (around 8 years ago when I was whining about how my goals still seem so far out of reach) “Next year you will be 43. You can be 43 and moving towards a dream. Or be 43 and still living the same unsatisfying life. Either way, you’ll be 43. You make the choice which scenario you want.”

DAMN, that was good.

The Key to Getting Un-Stuck: Your Takeaway (and Gentle Arse-Kick)

Bottom line; life doesn’t have a reset button. Whether you are 20, 30, 40, or 90, chances are you still have that internal drive and desire to want more, to learn more and to experience more from life. You need to honor that voice and head and doing something to move forward in the direction of your dreams. As I write this, we are in the 9th month of 2017…and don’t think it’s too late to get started. “I’ll start on New Years” is almost as bad as “someday.”

Procrastination is the thief of time. Git er’ done ASAP.

And if you need some time to identify a burning desire that just.can’t.wait…..take that time to get clear. But not too long. A bright, shiny new year is almost upon us and with it comes the chance to kick some hinny with the fresh 52 weeks we are given. What forward movement will you be experiencing in 2018?

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