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A Checklist for Rocking Your Inner #LadyBoss in 2018

Success: The progressive setting, accomplishing, and re-setting of goals that lead to achievement.

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to think of new ways to re-connect and re-engage with our customers. It’s also a good time to develop a new way of thinking, a new mindset, a new way of thriving instead of just merely surviving.

Although the media news is sometimes bleak, the truth of the matter is that more than 90% of us are still employed and currently in our homes.  Avoid the herd mentality and don’t let people sway your opinions. There are steps we can all take to rise above the negativity and “become” what we think.

With a brand spankin’ New Year peeking over the horizon, and many of us dog paddling like mad to keep our heads above water due to the Holiday Hustle, now is a SUPER good time to take a few minutes to focus on yourself.

A Quickie Checklist for Rocking Your Inner #LadyBoss

Daily To Dos to help you be your Best:

*Self-talk and Pep-talk is most important. Garbage in, garbage out. Leave the naysayer behind and choose an optimistic view of life.

*Be Committed to Excellence: Be “all in” on anything you want to achieve. Heart-hearted attemps doesn’t do anyone any good.

*Learn a new skill: Never stop learning and growing. As the business culture changes, so do employers needs.

*Master One skill at a Time: Don’t try to take a copywriter course, a WordPress course, and a ebook course all at the same time. Pick one, master it, move to the next.

*Acknowledge Achievements: Create a person “Victory” book or file that shows your achievements and accomplishments. This valuable tool acts as a reminder of why you should be proud of yourself.

*Develop your Gratitude Attitude: Every night, as I fall into bed exhausted, I take a moment to focus on and be grateful all the good that happened in my day. It can be as simple as the comfy bed I am lying in to as complex as I landed a new client that day. Be grateful.

*Birds of a feather: Surround yourself with like-minded folks who will build you up, support you, and encourage your dreams. Toxic people only act as a  drain on your energy and derail your goals. I call my cheerleaders my Soul Pack. They help me feel grounded, loved and motivated.

Now Remind yourself how fabulous you are: List Five Positive Qualities that you possess:

Learn from your Past: What are one or two things that, if you could get better this year and become a lot more effective in, are going to make a significant difference in your career?

*What are you going to do this year to improve your attitude?

*What skills are you going to work on?

*What should be the vision that you will accomplish?

Take the time to think, ponder, and work these exercise and create a roadmap for success for yourself and your business survive and thrive.

You are setting a side some much needed time to build your empire. Don’t blow this off. The laundry can wait.

A Checklist for Rocking Your Inner #LadyBoss in 2018

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